Collection: Alannah Hill

I’m not too sure how the last few weeks have passed without me posting anything on my blog. I had really good intentions and a lot of ideas for posts but that never really happened. I can’t even use the excuse of being busy because I am still unemployed and have way too much free time; more about that later. I am back now and until I have the chance to take some outfit pictures, I will leave you with this collection I found on the Alannah Hill website. It is so hard being on a spending ban at the moment. This is probably my first ever successful spending ban because I have no choice this time, we literally have no money and paying rent has changed the way I look at spending. It’s been hard to adjust because I was so used to buying clothes regularly last year; my spending actually got pretty out of control and I am seriously paying for that now, and now I live only a five minute walk away from a major shopping centre (and there is usually nothing else to do during the day) so there is temptation everywhere. Now I am in the real word; the realities of life! So when I make these sorts of posts they are only ever wishlists!









Photos from Alannah Hill

14 thoughts on “Collection: Alannah Hill

  1. You have a very pretty wishlist! I'm so sorry to hear you're still unemployed. That's really rough.

    I can't claim to have gotten much done myself and have used the winter weather here in the NorthEastern U.S. as an excuse. I did manage a huge post on New Years Day titlrd “A Briefs Update Part 4 – with Customer Lingerie Review Videos“.

    The Alannah Hill Collection is gorgeous. I like the softness of the yellow colour and the femininity of the skirt in of the first outfit, the fancy hemline of the second, the reds in the second and third (I've been looking at Valentine's day outfits), The floral skirt in the fourth photo is nice as is all the lacy detil on the top of the dress by Alannah Hill in the fifth photo. The red, pink and white floral dress in the eighth photo is pretty and the tulle/chiffon of the dress in the 13th is pretty and wonderfully feminine. I like the print on the last Allanah Hill dress pictured and the dress's contrasting cap sleeves The whole collection is pretty.


  2. I want to cry because I can't shop there. Well, I mean, I guess I could go to their website or something, but STILL. To see these clothes in person. I would probably faint on the spot.

    Each of these is so gorgeous and I love all the colors. I don't understand why you're not their head model or spokesperson by now. You were BORN to wear their clothes.


  3. Good luck with your spending ban! I know you can do it, especially if there's some “motivation” (can that be called that?) behind it. I know that with my classes this year, I don't have time to spend money on clothes, so it's been a pretty good way to save money, even if I've only been in class for a month and a half or so!

    This collection is so so pretty. I love all the fun spring0y colors!


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