Collection: Review Summer

I know I’m very late posting this collection since we are now in the middle of summer and many of these pieces are on sale now in Review stores, but I love this collection so much that I still wanted to make it part of my blog. I have the dress in the second row on the right but in green; I wore it on Christmas day which I posted here. I much prefer it in green; it makes much more of a statement! I adore all the dresses, they are completely perfect. My favourite is probably the green floral dress; I almost bought it recently but sensibly decided not to spend the money. Also of particular importance is the look in the last row on the left; I love every aspect of it and the way it was put together. It inspires me to accessorise my outfits more, mix patterns and wear my long sleeved tops with skirts. It’s very easy for me to fall into the habit of wearing dresses every single day and my skirts have been very under utilised recently. I love the mint green shoes with the silver caps in this photoshoot; they remind me of my yellow shoes which I posted here.But to be honest there are some shoes in this photoshoot that, in my opinion, don’t really suit the dresses and could substantially be improved.

Photos from Review

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