Outfit: Blue Belle


I wore this dress to a wedding on Saturday; loyal readers of my blog may recognise it as the Review Audrina dress that I posted on a wishlist a few months ago. I never actually thought I’d buy it but, when it was substantially discounted, I couldn’t resist. I was a little worried about another guest turning up in the same dress, since it does come in four different colours and was on sale, but fortunately I was safe. It was interesting to attend a wedding only five weeks after my own. Now I know what it’s like to be on both sides; it felt so different yesterday getting ready so quickly and then driving to the venue only a short time before it started, in contrast to a whole weekend away and the huge amount of preparation that went into my own wedding. Yesterdays wedding was extremely different in style; the warm weather and scenic views of the harbour made it very lovely. Also since I haven’t actually been to very many weddings, it was great to have the opportunity to choose an outfit to wear to this sort of event. I really love the unique shade of blue and of course the lace. I also managed to make good use of my wedding accessories. I wore my wedding shoes; unfortunately it is difficult to see the detailing in the photos, and one of the bridesmaid’s belts. I thought the sparkly shoes would go well with the light blue.








Review Audrina Dress
Sigma  Shoes
Alannah Hill Belt
Alannah Hill Hair Bow
Lovisa Earrings

50 thoughts on “Outfit: Blue Belle

  1. Oh my gosh, this is seriously such a beautiful outfit! You really look amazing,oh goodness. That dress color and those heels remind me of Cinderella. You're totally a princes here! Those heels are just the dreamiest heels in the world (and even more lovely that you were married in such stunning shoes!).


  2. Pretty! I love all the fancy floral detailed lace above the bust-line of your Review Audrina dress. I agree, your earrings, belt clasp and sparkly shoes pair up beautifully with the light blue of your dress.


  3. Oooh, how beautiful! And your shoes are amazing! If I could buy a pair of small-heel version of these for my wedding, I'd be happy! They're lovely! That dress is so stunning!


  4. OOOHHHhhhhhhh my word. Is this online? Is there a link? Because this dress is STUNNING. I love every single thing about it. You and I def have similar taste. the lace on the back, ahh! My favorite part is how long it is! It's so hard for me to find dresses long enough but the pleats and length of this one are perfection. What's the online store you got it at?? 🙂

    The House of Shoes


  5. Imogen you look positively stunning. I always love your outfits because there's a real sense of imagination in them. Also did you get the second letter I sent at all? I'm hoping that this one did arrive! The shoes are lovely too, they go so well with the belt and your earrings.


  6. You look stunning, so ladylike and elegant. I like that you got to wear your wedding shoes again, they are fab, I hope you get to wear them many more times as they deserve to be worn.

    I bet it was weird experiencing the wedding from the other side so soon after your own wedding, I hope you had a wonderful time. Here in the UK our wedding season doesn't start until about June ish (yes we have a wedding 'season' lol, this is so the brides don't get windswept and wet through and ruin their wedding photos, although I know some people who braved December as a wedding month and got snow on the ground, no wind and bright blue skies on the day of their wedding, in my eyes that is the perfect weather for it)

    Thanks for sharing

    Janine xx


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