Collection: Charlotte Olympia Christmas

Like many fashion bloggers I have been completely obsessed with the Charlotte Olympia kitty flats for quite some time now. I first posted about them here and, if for some miraculous reason I came into money, they’d be the first item I’d buy. I am going to buy myself a pair of cheaper kitty flats in the next couple of days; there are some decent alternatives around. It will be my last purchase. Next year I want to stop spending money as my main new years resolution. I know I’ve said this before but next year it is a necessity because I am now paying rent and I’m still unemployed. Anyway, now to the actual point of this post. I was browsing the Internet for kitty flats when I came across the Charlotte Olympia Christmas Collection. I fell in love instantly. My favourites, obviously, are the kitty flats in glitter but the holly flats are amazing too (and..well…everything!).




Photos from Charlotte Olympia

11 thoughts on “Collection: Charlotte Olympia Christmas

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, those shoes are awesome!!! I almost bought some kitty flats the other day- they had gold glittery ones in a shop for Ā£13 in the sale but decided I needed a more substantial heel!


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