Outfit: Green & Yellow


It’s been such an incredibly long time since I last took outfit photos; I thought to myself as I was in the park today, that it must be about six weeks since I last did this. I’m pleased to be back to regular posting now after the crazy busyness that was my life this year. When I look back I can’t quite believe I got married, moved house and finished my law degree all within a month. It was incredibly exhausting and stressful. Remind me never to take on this much at once ever again! Anyway, this is the outfit I wore on Christmas Day. I had to dress up in it again today for photos since I had no chances on Tuesday due to the rain. I always use Christmas as the ultimate excuse to dress up despite the fact that Christmas is usually a small and casual affair and I am extremely overdressed in comparison to everyone else. I always put a huge amount of thought and effort into choosing my Christmas outfit; as a bonus I realised later that it was a Christmas colour too! As I said the other day the rain made it feel very unlike Christmas. I’m just so used to warm and sunny Christmas days in Sydney. I started off the day in a pair of black heels to match the dress but within a short period of time I changed into the yellow shoes. My sister gave them to me for Christmas and I wanted to wear them immediately despite yellow and green not being a colour combination I would have chosen normally. I’m absolutely obsessed with my new shoes. It was such a thoughtful idea because they are my very own version of a pair of shoes which I’ve borrowed from my sister continually this year. I’ve been desperate to have a pair myself and it is so exciting. My pair are even more comfortable, have gold trim on the inside and are a brighter shade of yellow. WOW! My sister’s version of these shoes I wore here 






Review Dress
Cat Pin
Zu Ruby Shoes
Lovisa Hair Bow


32 thoughts on “Outfit: Green & Yellow

  1. A very happy Christmas to you Imogen, you look so pretty! What a marvellous dress! I also dressed up in a fancy dress (vintage dress) which I'll hopefully post about tomorrow!)
    I do think you took on a lot this year, so well done for surviving it all with grace, dignity, beauty and a smile! (It might be me next year- hoping to get married too, if we get our act together!)x


  2. Welcome back to outfit pictures!! Getting married sounds like it can take a lot of time. 😉 Congrats, though!

    You look so lovely. I adore the print and cut of that dress and your heels are such a lovely pop of yellow.


  3. I love your dress both in style and in colour, the shoes, your hair, and your entire look. You look wonderful (though a bit on the slim side). It's amazing that you gat so much done and made it through such a blizzard of important events in your life so brilliantly. It's nice seeing your outfit post. I hadn't been blogging myself until very early this morning, the 1st of January 2013. Best of luck with this exciting new part of your life – I hope it all goes swimmingly. I enjoyed your wedding photos and love your Christmas outfit. Have a very Happy New Year!


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