Wedding Photos (Part 2)

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having an enjoyable holiday season. I can’t believe it was raining so heavily for Christmas day here. It just seems so uncharcateristic of a summer Christmas in Sydney; it was a fun day nevertheless. I’ll write more about that later. I have many outfits to post from my Christmas celebrations but I don’t have them ready due to the rainy weather and the fact that my memory cards seem to have disappeared while moving house. So for now I will show you the next part of my wedding photos. These were taken during and directly after the ceremony which was held in the scenic gardens of Milton Park.










We decided to have a sand ceremony where Rydog and I poured different coloured sand into a container. Each grain of sand is supposed to symbolise individual experiences which have brought us together; the mixing of the sand symbolises a life which is now interconnected. I thought it would be a fun idea and different sort of ceremony.






Since I LOVE butterflies we had a butterfly release at the end of the ceremony.


The butterflies viciously attacked Rydog while everyone else laughed!





15 thoughts on “Wedding Photos (Part 2)

  1. So I had to come back and see your wedding photos!
    Just beautiful! You looked like a princess and the location was beautiful, garden weddings are deffinately the best 😉 I thought about doing a butterfly release but it didnt end up happening, looks like it was quite funny though with the butterflies attacking your husband 😛
    Do you have instagram? Im just starting off with it but its just somewhere to still share some photos but much quicker seen as I dont really have time for blogging right now. Anyway if you do have it, my username thingy is laceandteacups.



  2. Congratulations, Imogen! I was so happy to have a comment from you today and equally as happy to view your wedding pictures upon visiting your blog. What a gorgeous bride you were! Ryan's suit coat looks velvet – how dapper! It looks and sounds like you two had a truly lovely and special day. Congratulations again!

    As I mentioned above, it was so nice to see a comment from you today. I have had a very difficult year and keeping up with blogging has been difficult for me. I always want to visit and leave thoughtful comments, but a lot of the time I don't have the focus or energy. I am working on changing that, though.

    Happy New Year to you too, dear!


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