Outfit: Peacock Print


On Saturday night I had the opportunity to wear my peacock dress for the first time for my hens night. It is probably my favourite dress at the moment; I love the strapless design, the peacock pattern and the colour scheme.  We decided to have a morocan themed party on Saturday; which was somewhat inspired by the second Sex and the City movie. It was such a cool idea, a little bit different too, and all the decorations and detailings were so well thought out. We also had a beautician so I really enjoyed having a massage. I had a fun night; I really wish it didn’t have to end so quickly. I hope I can get some more photos of the night from others which I will post at a later stage. During the day, while I was instructed to keep out of the house so the decorations would be a surprise, I had my makeup done professionally and got eyelash extensions for the wedding. That was a great experience and a nice treat; I love the thickness of the eyelashes. 

The countdown is really on. I’m getting married in just under two weeks.







Dotti Bloom Party Dress
Alannah Hill I’m a Little Fusspot Cardigan
Kenji Heels
Equip Hair Bow

21 thoughts on “Outfit: Peacock Print

  1. you look absolutely stunning in this dress Imogen 🙂 the dress fits your slender frame like a dream and I adore the peacock design. also really liking those matching blue heels! and yes it really is amazing that you're getting married so soon! you must be so excited 🙂 very happy for you!

    and thanks, I am finally a law grad as I just finished exams! from memory I think you're doing 3 subjects this sem so you have maybe a semester left to go? won't be long for you :):)


  2. Aw you look gorgeous! Such a perfect dress for a night out. I love this shade of blue on you and how perfectly your heels match your dress. You look fantastic and I'm glad your party went well!


  3. Hey Imogen, just happened to stop by your blog and at a good time! I can wish you all the best for your special day! Hopefully I will come back for a visit in a couple of weeks with hope that I can see some photos from your wedding 😀
    Mikey and I got married last month and it was such a special, amazing, memorable day that we will never forget.



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