Outfit: Yellow Florals


On Sunday Rydog and I had an afternoon tea to celebrate our upcoming wedding. I guess one might call it a kitchen tea but, since I don’t like a lot of the traditions associated with weddings, we kept it somewhat unconventional. My parents organised it and went to so much effort for me. I especially loved the pretty little tea cups and the macaroons, cupcakes and sushi. We also receieved many gifts for the house. I used to think that household items were kind of boring but that is definitely not the case. I like all my household items to be as colourful and patterned as possible and so far I’ve got quite a collection of cool items.  It made me realise that there are other exciting items to spend my money on other than clothes and shoes. At the afternoon tea, my parents asked everyone to write some advice about married life. My mum’s advice was for me to stop buying clothes. Whatever for?!?! 

I bought this dress and cardigan awhile ago and I’d been saving them to wear today. It’s interesting that I used to absolutely hate yellow but now I love it; I like how much of a statement a bright yellow cardigan can make. I love the sparkles on the cardigan too; they even matched my hairstyle which my mother in law kindly did for me. I’m planning to do a proper outfit post on my dress at a later stage; the back is interesting and I like the shape. I borrowed the shoes from my sister. We’ve both been in love with them ever since she bought them. I wish they were mine!










Alannah Hill Till It Shines Cardigan
Review Dress
Dotti Heels (borrowed from my sister)
Equip earrings


30 thoughts on “Outfit: Yellow Florals

  1. Oh my freaking god, Imogen. I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT!! It's so beautiful. You look so lovely and elegant. It's perfect.

    I love all these photos, especially the ones with the beautiful Juliette Miracle. I saw that photo of her scowling on Facebook and it made me laugh! She's so funny and cute when she tries to be mad. 🙂


  2. congrats on getting married soon!!! I am simply dying over this dress. It is absolutely marvelous! Paired with that bright fun cardi too it's even better. And I am the same way- till I got married all I cared about buying was clothes and such, but now I have just as much fun buying stuff for my home!

    The House of Shoes


  3. Awwwww Imogen this is amazing! I'm so sorry I haven't commented for so long too, I've been so busy with university work it's been ridiculous. Your hair looks amazing and I love the outfit you've got on, the cardigan is lovely. Julie looks as cute as ever and I'm so happy for you and Rydog. xxx


  4. not sure why you used to hate yellow, you are absolutely stunning in the colour!! 🙂 the cardigan is so bright and cheerful, and I totally adore the matching floral print on your dress 🙂 haha I would've totally wanted to steal your sister's shoes too…haha saw those as well instore but resisted the temptation as I don't have that many yellow clothes to match them with!



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