Outfit: Lace & Peter Pan Collar



Hi everyone! It feels like a very long time since I last posted an outfit. I’ve been very unlucky with technology lately; my camera charger is lost and my computer screen is cracked so it is been very difficult to blog. Also, I have been incredibly busy for the last number of months. Without a doubt this has been the most stressful time of my whole life. There is just too much happening at once; preparing for my wedding, finishing my law degree, finding a place to live and dealing with some personal issues from the past. I’m supposed to be finding a job too but that’s unfortunately become a low priority right now. I’m a very anxious person to start with so all this stress hasn’t really helped my situation. I have a lot of support from family which is great; I don’t know what I’d do without them but I’m still finding it hard. I’ve just have to make sure I don’t lose sight of the bigger picture, even when I feel overwhelmed and I want to give up on myself; one day my life will get better. So I apologise if I have a lower presence in the blogsphere for the next couple of months. I still love you all and your support means so much!

Despite my current situation, dressing up is one of the few things that makes me happy; whenever I have a bad day the power of a pretty dress rarely ceases to amaze me. I know I’ve said this a lot but this is definitely one of my favourite dresses. I’ve worn it a few times now, most recently to a family event on Saturday night. It combines two of my favourite elements of fashion- lace and peter pan collar! I will never understand the absence of peter pan collars in the shops; I seem to only find them in the kids section. So when I see one I usually snap it up immediately. I think this dress is totally reflective of my style since it is so girly. I love it! I thought it was very lucky that my shoes matched so well. I’ve mentioned a few times that, out of my entire shoe collection, these are undoiubtdely my favourite. It’s such a coincidence that the dress and shoes are the exact same colours and of very similar pattern. I like adding touches of red to give it a vintage feel. I tried to achieve this with red lipstick and red nails; maybe a red belt could be a consideration for next time.








Dotti Jacquard Floral Dress
Sparkly Bow Headband (gift)

Wittner Queen Heels 


30 thoughts on “Outfit: Lace & Peter Pan Collar

  1. Oh you look so pretty Imogen! WHat a gorgeous dress! I really like lace-dresses but I never find my perfect one! Ah well!
    So sorry to hear about all your stresses- keep on going, and it will all be worth it in the end, even though it feels so difficult at the time xx


  2. Love your dress for all the reasons you mentioned – it's very feminine.
    The lace is pretty. I love the hem, the way it's gathered at the waist and looks light and swingy.
    You and Sheryl Wee of “Beneath The Crystal Stars both very much love those Peter Pan collars.
    They are adorable. I don't own any (yet).

    I'm sorry you've been feeling stressed and that
    finances are difficult. I think you're doing brilliantly.
    You're in the prime of your life and I have every confidence
    that you'll remember to enjoy the beauty and will overcome the financial and stressful parts.

    The grate on the bridge you're standing on in the last photo
    reminds me of the dance floor in scene 7 of
    the DVD of the movie “The Super Mario Brothers”.
    How in the world does anyone walk on something like that in heels
    – or on the beautiful lawns in the other photos?

    I'm in the U.S. and Fall has just started here.
    I'm not looking forward to winter. Enjoy your lovely Spring there (my favourite Season).


  3. Don't worry about the stress of life, having a supportive family means a great deal, so it's good that you have that. And this dress may be one of my favourites of yours! You look adorable and I love the shoe choice as well. xxoo/ Madison


  4. Oh wow Imogen I'm so sorry about everything you're enduring right now. You seem to be handling the circumstances marvelously, because I would have had a nervous breakdown by now if I was in your shoes.

    And what lovely shoes they are! So pretty. 😉 This dress is absolutely gorgeous. It is so YOU!


  5. Aw I hope things get less stressful soon. School can get to be so much and I can't imagine planning a wedding while doing that.
    I understand the feeling better when you dress up thing though. Wearing fun outfits is a great way for me to be creative when I have no time to actually do creative things haha. You look so pretty in this dress. I love the lace overlay and the peter pan collar. Those shoes are adorable too.


  6. What a beautiful dress! Oh I feel you girl! I am so glad that my wedding is almost over, I know I will have fun on the big day, but it becomes so stressful, work & school don't help. It's good to put finding a job on the back-burn, you need to keep your head!


  7. I'm sorry you are feeling overwhelmed, I am too right now. It's the busiest time in my life too! I completely agree, that dressing up makes everything feel a lot better. You look so beautiful in this dress, and I love your bow headband and great shoes!


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