Collection: Alannah Hill

I’m always very excited by a new collection from Alannah Hill; ‘The Last Doll Standing’ for Spring 2012 certainly meets all my expectations. This collection reminds me so much of my wedding. Without giving too much away at this stage, the bird cage veil, white Alannah Hill dresses and extremely large white feathers, will make an appearance. I wish I could buy some of these clothes but I have no money!
This is one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen. I am always drawn to red dresses and the combination of lace makes me love it that much more.

I want this cardigan! It would go with everything.
The big hair bow is totally amazing.
The massive feathers are completely incredible.
This is without a doubt my favourite look from the entire collection. It is flawless in every possible way. I would be so happy if I owned these clothes!!!
I love a bright coloured coat which makes a statement
I absolutely adore this style and cut of dress at the moment. It is so pretty and girly.
Photos from Alannah Hill

17 thoughts on “Collection: Alannah Hill

  1. The “Last Doll Standing” Spring collection by Alannah Hill is beautiful. The dress in the first photo is pretty and so is the hosiery. I adore the big hair bows in the first and third photos. The dress in the ninth photo is probably my favourite because, as you noted, “It is so pretty and girly.” The dress in the last photo is lovely. I love lace and frilly fashions too. I hope your finances improve soon – I'm sure they will sooner or later. Love this fashionista post.


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