New In: Bow Top


I bought this top earlier in the week and not only is it my favourite top at the moment, it is also my favourite top I have ever owned in my whole life. I am always attracted to bows and stripes so it combines two of the best aspects. It wasn’t until I actually bought the top and wore it for the first time yesterday that I realised just how big the bow is; it’s a real feature and makes such a statement. I also love the vibrant bright blue; it’s much nicer than the more subtle shades of blue that I usually see on clothes.It was a very reasonable price at only $29.95; I’m even thinking of buying it in white. I can’t get enough of my new top; I want to wear it everyday at the moment. This top is much more unique, beautiful and girly than I would have expected to find in a regular store in my local shopping centre. It’ reminds me of something I’d buy from Modcloth or an equivilant online store overseas.



Forever New Zinnia Bow Tee

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