Night Out: Black & White Ball


Today I will leave you with a few pictures from my weekend.  On Saturday night I attended a ‘black and white’ formal event which was a fundraiser. I love these sorts of occassions; I have so many formal dresses but never enough chances to wear them. The dressing up associated is always my favourite part and makes me feel excited and generally positive. I had a few options for the black and white theme but in the end I decided to wear my Jouls Couture 1950s inspired dress. I know you can’t really see much of it from the photos but it is the same dress I wore here. I always find it annoying that I never get any proper outfit pictures when I am at a formal event. It is always when I am dressed up the most but the opportunity never arises. Oh well. One day I will get to show you all my nice pretty dresses. The black and white theme was fun; it was really interesting to see everyone dressed in the same colours though. For once, my hair is different! My mother in law curled it for me which I was very pleased about. I am happy with the way it turned out. She did it with rollers. I wish it was easier and less time consuming because then I would have curly hair much more often. I’d probably do it a few times a week (I’m desperately looking for alternatives to straightening my hair every single day). The hair curling was kind of like a practice for the wedding. I want my hair out and curly for the wedding and, even though the wedding venue is going to be doing my hair, I was worried that it wouldn’t work. My hair is just so rebellious and I’ve had so many failed attempts in the past. So hopefully I am on track to having curly wedding hair.  In other news, it is the start of spring!



26 thoughts on “Night Out: Black & White Ball

  1. From what I can see of the dress, you look stunning! I love the 1950'a look of it! Your hair is also really nicely done- I always wish I could curl my hair! Mine is straight but it kinks at the end- highly irritating but I am far too lazy to do anything about it except straighten it for the very occasional event!


  2. The rollers your mother in law curled your hair with worked perfectly – your hair looks beautiful in these photos. Is that your fiance in the second photo? Your 1950s inspired polka dot dress looks lovely, and so do your earrings and lipstick. Love that last group photo of you and your pretty friends.


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