Outfit: Hot Pink


I love my pink dress! It is undoubtedly one of my favourite dresses I have ever owned. I believe it extremely accurately represents my style; the gorgeous pink colour, classic vintage cut, floral detailing and the overall girly-ness are the epitome of what I adore. I truly believe there should be more hot pink clothes around especially dresses; pink is the most beautiful colour for a dress! I also wish there were more dresses with this shape and cut. This was one of the last items I purchased before imposing a spending ban. I also consider it one of the best bargains I’ve ever found. In my opinion, $50 for a quality Review dress is very reasonable especially since the original price was slightly over $250. This is only the third Review dress I’ve ever owned so I was very happy and excited when it became mine. On Wednesday we experienced some lovely warm weather for a few hours during the day. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to wear and blog my pink Review dress. I was certainly overdressed for the day but I never see that as a problem. I can’t wait until spring so I can wear my pretty dresses without the need for jackets or cardigans.

I am so incredibly excited about the Olympics right now. I was supposed to watch the opening ceremony with my parents and my sister (& and Juliette Miracle, of course) at 6am on Saturday morning but I fell asleep! I hope my family at least enjoyed my presence in the room even though I can barely remember anything from the opening ceremony. I was very happy to hear that a few of my favourite tennis players such as Radwanska and Sharapova were chosen to carry the flags for their respective nations though. I am most excited for the swimming and tennis. I’m planning to watch every single race of the swimming even if that means crazier sleeping times than usual;  I’m trying to stay up for the first day of finals starting at 4.30am this morning. I’ll be very tired by the end of the week but it’s so worth it. My interest in the swimming comes from my own background in competitive swimming; I miss those days very much. 








Review Dress
Diva Hair Bow

Wittner Gloria Heels
Antiques Locket

48 thoughts on “Outfit: Hot Pink

  1. this is such a fantastic find from Review! I've only ever bought one thing from there, because everything is usually way out of my price range haha. definitely an amazing steal if it was originally 250! 😀 the dress is gorgeous and I love the raspberry pink colour. the shape is wonderful too, fits you like a glove 🙂

    hmm your subjects sound interesting! I'm doing Family law (might change this), intellectual property (trademarks and designs), advanced income tax and advanced corporate law. Honestly I want to do some of the more interesting subjects such as environmental law but I have timetable clashes. I'm pretty much “settling” for these subjects…not particularly interested in them. at least I've only one semester to go. Hope you enjoy all your subjects! <3



  2. That dress is stunning on you, so stunning.
    I've been watching so much Olympics – any that I can, Luckily I work from home so it has been on in the background all day.
    Great Britain, may not be the big winners, but I get so proud of every competitor its a great feeling.
    Plus anyone who wins looks so happy an I love that!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done


  3. This dressing is perfect on so many levels – the color, the cut, the fit on you, the material, perfection.

    I am glad you enjoy the Olympics. I wish I had a little more time as well.



  4. You know I think this is my favorite dress on you! And the Olympics, it's so good to hear the enthusiasm in your words…many have become so jaded they don't get excited about much any more…a hug to you sweet girl…


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