Collection: Review

Review, one of my favourite brands, has recently opened an online store and released the Spring Collection 2012. The thought of the warmer spring weather makes me very happy and excited; I miss wearing my sleeveless/short sleeved dresses and I’m so over the cold weather right now. I love the collection from Review; primarily because of the lace, bright colours, stripes, polka dots and the beautiful cut of the dresses. My favourite looks are definitely the green dresses and the colourful skirt but in reality, I wish I could own all of the clothes featured here. Unfortunately I probably won’t ever own any because of the importance of savings right now. Also Review is generally out of my price range unless it is on sale but you never know what could happen!  I found the use of the belts as headbands an interesting concept; it’s cool but weird at the same time. What do you think of the Review Spring Collection?








Photos from Review

22 thoughts on “Collection: Review

  1. So cute, I really like the dresses! Especially the one on the right that is greenish blue color and lace. All these looks would be perfect for drinking tea 😀


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