Outfit: Colour Blocking

IMG_0559 copy

I felt very brave wearing this outfit yesterday; despite the recent and overwhelming popularity of colour blocking, I still don’t think everyone would have the confidence to pull off this much colour. I certainly received a few stares from strangers while wearing this outfit (but whose to say they were negative rather than positive; maybe they all really liked my outfit!). It’s interesting how I have absolutely no confidence in most areas of life but when it comes to fashion I would pretty much have the confidence to wear anything. I’m overall very happy with my style and my look but I’m not happy with much else in my life. Similarly, I frequently stand out in ‘real life’ by wearing bolder pieces than the average person but I always frustratingly fade into the background in most other ways. I guess you could say that fashion reflects the way I wish I was in all other areas of my life; I would love to be more confident, happy, exciting and colourful.

This week I was able to post one extra outfit than usual; I thought I was an excellent blogger until I realised that my last two outfits are ridiculously similar. The Guess cardigan paired with a green/teal dress or skirt means I didn’t provide as much outfit inspiration or versatility as I would have liked. I even featured the exact same bag! Oh well. It’s funny how I didn’t realise at the time. For once I am not wearing a hair bow! How miraculous!

IMG_0541 copy

IMG_0571 copy

IMG_0544 copy

IMG_0538 copy

IMG_0533 copy

Β Kenji Heels
Guess Crop Cardigan
Alannah Hill Handbag
Antiques Locket

48 thoughts on “Outfit: Colour Blocking

  1. Tia! These colors aboslutely glow on you. I love this outfit; I'm so glad you chose to wear it. And, personally I think all those “looks” must have been positive ones πŸ™‚

    “I guess you could say that fashion reflects the way I wish I was in all other areas of my life”
    I think for many of us this rings very very true. Fashion is such a personal form of self expression…Fashion often allows us to say and do what we wouldn't be able to other wise.

    great post.


  2. You look very pretty, although I wouldn't wear colour blocking, I love seeing colorful outfits like yours.
    By the way, you should extend your confindence at dressing to your whole life πŸ™‚



  3. haha I kinda know what you mean! sometimes I feel like I'm really unconfident in speaking out in public yet I'm already standing out because of my outfit. I think we do this because wearing the outfits we love makes us feel like even if we stuff up in other things, at least we're looking great? haha just a thought.

    anyway the colour blocking looks really cute on you! the AH bag is just so pretty πŸ™‚ such a beautiful, feminine piece.



  4. Love this colour combination, a great way to do colour blocking! πŸ™‚

    I think you should wear what makes you happy – it doesn't matter if you repeat an outfit or wear a similar outfit to one you've worn before – we all repeat clothes – there would be no fun if we only got to wear things one way once! πŸ™‚



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  6. I LOVE all this colour on you. I'd be willing to bet that most of those looks were positive.

    Its awesome that you have the confidence in your style to bust out things that others might not even try. I'm a bit the same in that my style can be right out there, but I'm really quite shy. I've definitely gotten more confident in all areas as I've gotten older, and I'm sure this will happen for you too. Sometimes it just takes time to grow into yourself.


  7. You did a great job color-blocking! I think that you did get positive stares, because this is a great look!

    I can be the same way. I am a loud style-blogger, and I am loud & goofy with friends but I am shy at work and which oftentimes leads people to think I am dumb.


  8. I love your heels and all the lovely, bright colours you're wearing. I feel like you very often too Imogen, I wish I could dress more 'out-there' and creatively but I don't feel confident enough. Baby birds don't seem too wary of people so if you find one, I'd definitely say try and go in for a close-up! xxx


  9. Oh how pretty!!!!! I adore this outfit! The dress is my favourite colour and shape and the combo of the bright shoes and cardie is quite enchanting! (Love the black and white shot!!).
    I would say you stand out! I find I tend to stand out at school because I tend to wear quite bright and quirky things- sometimes it's just the addition of something quirky like lego earrings! But in general life I don't think I do! I always think you look lovely and ladylike!


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