Outfit: Colour Block & Stripes


My pink crop cardigan from Guess is one of my more recent puchases and one of the best bargains I’ve ever found. I was so surprised when it was on sale for $22; I usually don’t even go into Guess because it is too expensive and for now I can only dream of owning one of their beautiful but pricey bags. The little gold buttons on this cardigan are so sweet and I love the detailing of ‘Guess’ inscribed on each one. The main reason I like this cardigan is because it is crop. I am always frustrated by the perpetual absence of crop cardigans in the shops; I find that the longer cardigans don’t look very good with my dresses and high waisted skirts. Whenever I see a crop cardigan (which is almost never) I snap it up immediately. I just don’t understand why they are so rare!  It’s annoying because if I don’t want to wear a heavy trench coat then I only have this red cardigan to wear which is why so many of my outfits involve red. My wardrobe is really only appropriate for summer. I am very pleased to have my pink crop Guess cardigan. I thought I would pair it with my teal skater skirt which I posted here for a colour blocking effect. The stripes added a touch of pattern; I usually like to have at least some pattern in my outfits. For once I didn’t wear red lipstick; pink was a much better match for this outfit. This is a casual outfit I wore to lunch today.

I seriously cannot believe that there are only two more weeks of holidays. I know I say it every time but this, without a doubt, has been the fastest holidaysof my entire life. Despite feeling more bored than usual, I certainly don’t want to return to university so soon. I have too much to organise this term with the wedding, studying, sorting out my  career and finding a place to live that I need more time. I found out today that I passed all my subjects for last semster so I officially have only one term left until I finish my law degree. This is truly incredible. It’s strange to think that this will be my last ever semester at university after almost five years. I’m amazed that I’ve come this far. I’m just an average girl and I almost have a law degree; it is unbelievable. I also have one less subject than usual this semester which makes me very happy and will hopefully take off some of the pressure.






Guess Crop Cardigan
Portmans Skater Skirt
Alannah Hill Handbag
Forever New Glitter Flats
Bardot Bodysuit
Lovisa Butterfly Hair Clip


43 thoughts on “Outfit: Colour Block & Stripes

  1. Your outfit is so perfectly put together. The Guess cardigan looks fab. I love the colour and the gold buttons.
    Congrats on passing all your exams and good luck for your final semester.


  2. Oh big yay for you darlin on passing all the subjects…you're nearly there…isn't it wonderful…if you just keep chippin away you can do anything. I hope you get to really enjoy these last couple of weeks holiday…big love to you….


  3. I really like this outfit and the gold buttons on the cardigan are a great detail. Well done on passing! And I couldn't agree more, I won't lose sight of what I love even if it's childish 🙂 Thanks for the lovely comment Imogen! xxx


  4. It's such a sweet ensemble! I love the colour of your cardigan and I agree I wish there were more in the shops. I've been trying to find a turquoise crop cardigan! Hang in there, you'll be graduating in no time! 🙂 -xo


  5. what a great find from Guess! haha same here, I never go in because of the prices. Your outfit looks really cute! I think that cardi was perfect for your skirt rather than a long one as it balances out the proportions. and since you can button it up it creates a nice cinched waist too! 🙂

    yay for being on the final leg of your law degree! I'm the same but I still have the full 4 subjects haha. although it's perfect for you as you will be so busy. out of curiosity what subjects have you chosen? 🙂


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