Juliette Princess Miracle


Unfortunately there hasn’t been much of an opportunity to take outfit pictures this week so I will leave you with some pictures of Juliette Princess Miracle instead. I mean, she is much more beautiful and attractive to look at, right? Everytime I create these sorts of posts I find that Juliette Miracle has managed to get herself into even crazier positions than the time before. Juliette is truly incredible and very special. There are no words that could possibly explain the extent of my love for her. She is absolutely perfect in every way. 


Juliette loves the blanket her mother knitted her last Christmas542185_10150783862780950_726268243_n

Juliette loves my sister’s MacBook (and all computers actually). She is also a genius at company law. 545757_10150798399900950_1323347581_n

I leave this shoe box out all the time for Juliette now. 392520_10150822822255950_401640866_n


This is one of my favourite pictures ever 


I am totally obsessed with Juliette’s feet376883_10150906649835950_1319562776_n

We are all shocked that Juliette went into this position without any intervention601492_10150842886785950_1862104664_n





Juliette’s Nana made her a special little bed

This is the ultimate photo! I can’t stop looking at it.


18 thoughts on “Juliette Princess Miracle

  1. No, Juliette Princess Miracle isn't beautiful and attractive to look at the way you are in your outfit posts, but she sure is cute! I love the photos of her peeking out from under the pillow, snuggled up with the teddy bear and all of the photos of her for that matter. Cats can be so cute and sometimes mischievous too. She's adorable.


  2. AWEEEE!! I just melted. Juliette Princess M. is GORGEOUS!! Awe she is just far too precious. I love her. My little Eloise loves the computer too – do you think it is because it's a warm spot? And Does Juliette crawl under the covers? How cute!

    My little Eloise tries to cram herself into the smallest places. Here in our new apartment, she once got her head stuck because she tried to crawl into a space that was much too small for her. I mean…it wasn't funny, but…hahaha.

    Can Juliette hear? I remember hearing that white kitties with blue eyes are all deaf, is that true? My friend has a kitten who is deaf and she always gets the best photos because she can sneak up on her!



  3. i really love the bag you are wearing in your outfit photos and your cat is just precious. i love the photo of her stretching at the end and hugging the small stuffed animals. i have to cats myself and basically half of my cell phone pictures are of them!

    xx rae



  4. omg! Juliette is so beautiful haha. she has such gorgeous white fur and eyes, and that picture of her sleeping with her arms around the teddy bear is SO CUTE. sooo beautiful 🙂


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