Outfit: Red, Cobalt & Polka Dots


I’ve mentioned a couple of times before that my outfits are usually fairly well planned; it is a rare occassion when I quickly put together random items and everything just seems to fall into place. However, this outfit was an exception. As I explained here, this dress is my go to outfit when I don’t know what to wear. On Tuesday I experienced an ‘I have nothing to wear day’.’ Since it was very cold outside I decided to add my red jumper (yes, another outfit involving red) since it is wool and is perfect for such conditions.  Then I thought I’d wear my small blue hair flower as a change from the larger traditional white bow that I usually wear. I wasn’t sure whether this all matched and it seemed like a fairly average outfit at that point. It wasn’t until I added the shoes that everything came together. I love the end result; it is probably one of my better outfits. I haven’t worn these shoes in awhile and I was surprised by the perfect colour match between the shoes and the hair flower. 

I hope you are all having an enjoyable week. Unfortunately I am sick; my throat and head hurt very much. I always seem to be unwell at some point during the winter holidays. It is very frustrating. Lets just hope it won’t be as bad as last year. As a result I’ve had a very relaxing week of catching up on television (particularly Offspring which is the best TV show ever!) and watching the tennis. My ridiculous holiday sleeping patterns fit in well with the schedule of Wimbledon; I am always awake at 3 or 4am to watch the important matches these days. However, the rain delays are very annoying; please get some better weather!!!  

I am starting to become extremely bored these holidays. Of course it is better than being at university so I shouldn’t really complain but I haven’t experienced this since I was in high school. I usually have more than enough interesting activities planned to occupy myself during the holidays.  As usual the lengthy free time has caused me to think deeply about my life. Its just so stupid how the best times of my life usually turn out to be so depressing; I always worry about issues that I don’t even have the time to think about during the university semester. This time I am so annoyed at myself for my spending habits over the last few years. I had so many opportunities to save money and I wasted it by purchasing a ridiculous amount of clothes, going out for lunch and dinner too frequently and generally being careless with money. Last year I earned double the weekly income that I do now and I spent so much of it on Modcloth. I love my clothes but I should have been more sensisble. I always justified my decisions based on the fact that university was depressing and stressful so I should buy a treat to make myself feel better. Now I realise that these were just excuses that most certainly fail to justify my actions.  Also, I am so annoyed with myself for failing to get a job over the last few years. The only job I’ve ever had is working at my mother in law’s company and for so many of my years at university I didn’t work at all; I feel like such a loser. All those years of lost income are so stupid and I have no experienced; this year when I’ve actually tried to get a job I’ve had no success. I always used the excuse that I was a law student and didn’t need a job because everything would work out once I had a degree. But almost everyone else in my degree has a job so that can hardly be an acceptable justification. 

 The reason why it affects me so much at the moment is because Rydog and I need to get our own place at the end of the year since we are getting married. We are not in a position to buy a unit but I believe we would be if I had been more sensible. All it would have taken is for me to have some constant employment in the past. I feel terrible that I let myself down. The rental market in the suburb I want to live in is getting more expensive all the time. Plus renting with a cat is next to impossible; I’m getting rejections left right and centre when I mention Juliette. (It really is very sad because I see her as my child and so much more than a pet!). It’s so stressful; I’m terrified that it will get to the end of the year and I will have no where suitable to go. At least the realities of life have forced me to commit to my spending ban; even the thought of buying new clothes right now makes me feel very guilty. So many people keep telling me to get over my past mistakes and deal with the current situation. I totally understand that I can’t change the past but it is still hard. Moving on and feeling better is easier said than done. It takes time to forgive myself. It’s interesting because I felt really low before coming on my blog tonight. But now I’ve spent some time telling you about my problems I feel much better. The thought of spending the night reading other blogs and engaging in the online world has the same impact.

In other news, my wedding shoes arrived in the mail this week. It was very exciting and I am so happy with them. The shoes are so sparkly and absolutely incredible. I will show them to you in my next post.



P1010375 copy



Modcloth Serene Bubble Dress
Alannah Hill  She Kissed Everyone Jumper
Forever New Fan Clutch
Lovisa Hair Flower
Kenji Heels
Prouds Pearls

30 thoughts on “Outfit: Red, Cobalt & Polka Dots

  1. You are right, this outfit did come together quite well!

    I am sorry to hear about the anxiety issues, I can get the same way when i have too much free time. Sometimes reading a book or watching movies helps, you get to escape to another world for a little while, giving you a break from your own stress-filled one 🙂


  2. Oh Tia. I understand where you are. I myself am personally in the personal hell of paying off my credit card. I have had no alternative: I nearly maxed it out (within $150). I used to the excuse of “oh well, I have a blog. This is what I need to do”, etc.
    I've had to get very creative to make ends meet in the past, and I know that you will think of something.

    Here in the US, having pets is luxury if you live in a apartment. Here, it is $500 extra for deposit, and an extra $50 a month for pet rent! What if you just never mentioned your kitty? Not entirely honest, but if she doesn't scratch carpet or furniture, what is the harm?



  3. Love the pictures of you leaning against the tree! And I'm looking forward to seeing the shoes, they sound fabulous.
    This is a lovely outfit, I'm a bit fan of jumpers over dresses and the shoes are such a lovely shade


  4. I can completely understand where you're coming from. I just came from from a few months working in HK and now I am back to square one, looking for jobs back home! It's not easy but keep persevering and someone out there WILL give you a chance. You just have to keep applying and try not to take things too personally. I know that's what I'm doing right now too, all of my friends have full time jobs so I understand how you feel! Keep your head held high, try not to worry too much and things will work out eventually 🙂


  5. the outfit's come together so nicely! good luck with the applications, the right thing will come up soon! 🙂 meanwhile your clip and shoe matching is perfect. love it x


  6. First of all, you look gorgeous and I love the grey photo as the colours of your clothes really stand out.

    Secondly, I could not agree and feel more what you are going through as I am in THE exact same position. I'm currently on holiday and bored stiff, looking for work but coming up short and struggling to find enjoyment in things.

    Just comfort yourself in the knowledge that there are lots of other people who are going through the same thing, and you aren't alone. Try to relax and focus on you, this is something I'm also trying to do.

    I hope you feel better soon, also did my letter manage to reach you? xxx


  7. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been feeling under the weather anxiety and stress wise. Have you tried yoga? It can really help clear the mind and relax you.

    P.S. I LOVE the color of your shoes! 🙂


  8. You look lovely in that adorable outfit. I love the pop of blue with the heels.

    I'm sorry to hear you are sick. I really hope you feel better soon and the weather becomes sunnier. I know when it rains nonstop here, I'm incredibly depressed. It seems to suck all the cheerfulness away, doesn't it?

    And as for finding a place to live: I wish you the best of luck. I really hope things work out for you.

    Perhaps you could look in other areas and rent a unit for six months? Then you could save up money to move to an apartment you really want…


  9. Oh Imogen, I am so sorry you are feeling gloomy, you really are not alone with this. I sometimes feel absolutely sick about the amount of money I have wasted on clothing and just silly things I don't need over the past couple of years instead of saving for the future and real wonderful experiences rather than material things. I feel really cross with myself and then yet again, I do it, ten times worse the next time I feel gloomy and go near shops. The point is, I guess, yes we may have wasted money but I'm sure we've had fun with our outfits and in the future we probably wont be able to afford to do that, so it's nice while it's lasted but it now can serve as an impetus for changing! (I am really talking to myself here, but since it seems to apply to you, I thought I'd say it!).

    You look totally beautiful in these outfits. Such a wonderful combo of clothes, hair, lovely setting- love your monochrome contrast shot, I did something similar in my last outfit post- it works really well with red!x


  10. Oh and I suggest going for a beautiful, long, countryside walk, take a journal with you, write notes, write a poem, breathe, take your shoes off and walk in the grass, smell, feel, listen and this is a beautiful stimulus for feeling less bored!


  11. haha I'm glad your outfit all came together at the end! I hate that moment of doubt when it seems like it wouldn't.

    I'm sorry to hear about your financial situation! But it's not too late to change your spending habits and save up a bit more so you and your partner can get your own place. I think a lot of people in their years at uni have wasted it all on unnecessary stuff. For you it may have been clothes (damn Modcloth!) and food but I know others who've blown thousands on other people, pokies and travel. My point is, that most of us have spent a lot of money on things we look back at in hindsight, and think that was suuuch a waste. And another thing you should be relieved about is that at least that money spent wasn't your parents, it was your own from the jobs you were working. So you are not indebted to anyone. You just need to start afresh and start earning some cash again, so you can use it for what YOU need.

    As for finding a job- yeah I'm about to graduate from law at the end of this year and a bit worried about not finding one. everyone else seems to already have done internships and have their law career pretty much mapped out! but I'm going to stay hopeful- I'll keep working hard at applications and trying my best. At the end of the day, when you look at the bigger picture, despite being “behind” everyone else in our courses who seem to have achieved more, we are still “ahead” of a lot of people who never even got the chance to study law in the first place. We have the advantage of the more prestigious, difficult course to put on our resume. Can you imagine how hard it is for an arts degree person to get a job, with just that qualification on their resume?

    I can't wait to see your wedding shoes! 🙂 your wedding's another thing you should be ecstatic about! remember there's also a lot of girls who struggle so hard to find a decent S/O let alone suited for marriage. stay strong Imogen! 🙂 you are lucky and if you keep reminding yourself of the positive things in your life you will be happier.




  12. Beautiful outfit, it all came together really well!

    When I first got married hubby and I put our life savings together to buy a house. I felt very embarrassed to have so little compared to him. He likes to save, I like to spend. In the end it doesn't matter who contributes what, the important thing is that you're getting married and you will find a wonderful place together 🙂 You can use the lessons you've learned to ensure you both save together in future 🙂

    Have you checked here for pet friendly rentals? http://www.petfriendlyrentals.com.au/



  13. Aw I know what you mean about all the free time. I've been sort of bored too. Actually I've been pretty bored. It's better than being stressed out studying though. I get sad a lot easier when I have all this free time to overthink things too. It's so weird! I hope you start feeling better and less bored though!
    But anyway, your outfit is adorable. I love this color combination. The sweater looks wonderful layered over your cute little dress.


  14. Hey sweet girl….it's difficult I know but you need to forgive yourself re past habits and focus on each day….what can you do today to help the situation…why not write down a list of ideas for things to do instead of shopping or eating out…so that you've got the list there when you need it…I have one for when I'm feeling down…things that can help me….maybe if you need a shopping 'fix' you could decide to only visit op shops…or something like that…but think you need to be kind to yourself…recognise that many people go through life never examining their actions…but you're not like that…you have a desire to change and that's a wonderful thing! My love to you….


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