Outfit: Red & White


This is one of my favourite outfits at the moment; I especially love the classic red and white colour combination and I adore the shape of my new white dress which I posted here. I can’t believe that my last three outfit posts have involved this red cardigan. It just goes to show how incredibly versatile it is; I honestly don’t think there is a single item in my wardrobe that I wouldn’t wear it with. There will most certainly be some more variety in my next outfit post I promise. The weather was reasonably warm on the day I had these photos taken. Although it was too cold to wear the dress without a cardigan, it wasn’t completely freezing for the photos of just the dress either; very impressive for winter I do say! I am definitely starting to enjoy Wednesdays lately. It generally consists of a sleep in, a relaxing lunch and walk around the shops with Rydog, some picture taking for my blog, the occassional trip to the gym, dinner with the family, a good night of television and a new blog post. Of course spending time with Juliette Miracle makes it enjoyable too.

Yesterday I bought my wedding ring; the decision to purchase it so early was a result of the end of financial year sale. It is matching to my engagement ring; it is very pretty and sparkly. Also, my friend who lives in Hong Kong just booked her plane tickets for my wedding. The combination of these two events this week have made the wedding suddenly seem so incredibly real. It’s interesting how it seemed far away but within a couple of days it now appears so close.


P1010271 copy


P1010310 copy


Alannah Hill You Gossip Cardigan
Wittner Kilton Flats
Portmans Belt
Prouds Pearls
Equip Hair Bow

Diana Ferrari Bag

41 thoughts on “Outfit: Red & White

  1. Oh Imogen you look gorgeous, I really do love the way you dress. And congratulations on getting your wedding ring, I'm not sure if I'd said congrats yet so here it is again! You must be excited πŸ™‚ xxx


  2. Such a clean and neat outfit. I have a red cardigan that I wear all the time. I've had it for years and it's starting to get a bit scratchy so I think I need to replace it!
    I hope your wedding preparation is going well


  3. Yay! you're inching closer to the middle of the road! πŸ™‚ Love that red cardigan. It pairs so perfectly with the white and I love your hair cut. It makes all of your looks look so vintage and retro. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I hope it's magical! <3



  4. Awesome that your friend is all booked and you have your rings.

    I think the white dress fits perfectly, and I love the red and white combo from your dress and cardi to your shoes as well.


  5. Oh wow your wedding is coming up so quickly! This is so exciting! Congrats on getting your wedding ring. It sounds gorgeous. And how sweet of your friend to make that big journey for your big day!

    This is another lovely outfit. I'm glad that red cardigan is a staple in your closet because it suits your style so perfectly. πŸ™‚


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