Outfit: Red Stripes


On Wednesday I finally had the chance to take some outfit pictures. It was perfect weather for photos. I decided to wear my Portmans dress that I posted here. I’ve worn this dress many times lately because I love it so much. I also noticed the other day that this dress comes in black. The red suits my style a little better but the black was very beautiful too; I wish I could have both!  Since it was cold (despite the pictures it is still the middle of winter) I paired the dress with my Alannah Hill cardigan. I’ve had this cardigan for awhile and it is one of the most versatile pieces ever. I also thought it would be a good opportunity to show you my fan clutch which I posted here. It’s definitely my favourite bag at the moment. Since it has gold glitter I decided it would go well with the gold butterfly in my hair. My sister tells me the butterfly is ridiculous and she continually reminds me that I am 23 and not 5. But I like it and growing up is overrated anyway. Her comments make me laugh. I’m going to wear it next weekend when we go out for dinner just to annoy her. 

On Wednesday Rydog and I had our first day off together in a long time. Rydog has been extremely busy with work and I’ve had so many essays to write. Unfortunately our day didn’t go quite as planned. We had to get the car serviced and that took 7 hours; we couldn’t go anywhere until late afternoon. It was still fun; we managed to have a quick look around the shops and take these pictures. The price of the car service was astronomical; it has really set us back financially. This, coupled with other expenses have made me worried; we are moving out at the end of the year so saving is absolutely fundamental right now. So I have decided I will not be buying any more new clothes for a long time. I know I’ve said that before but this time I mean it because there is no choice anymore. Fortunately I have many clothes, some of which I have not yet worn so it shouldn’t be too hard initially. But it will be hard in other ways; I’m so used to just buying clothes without really thinking about it. I am going to try and be more creative with my clothes and mix and match a lot more than I have in the past.

It has been a good week technology wise. I have my computer back. It has been repaired and is working very well. I also found my camera which had been missing for months. The colours in my photos seem to be richer in comparison with phone photos.



P1010176 copy

I’d always wanted to take blog pictures on a road; I was so excited that I finally had the opportunity to do that. I always admire photos that are taken on the road or on train tracks. One day I might build up the courage at enter the middle of the road.




Portmans Dress 
Lovisa Butterfly Hair Clip
Forever New Fan Clutch
Wittner Quebec Heels
Alannah Hill You Gossip Cardigan
Prouds Pearls

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