Outfit: Bow Details


I had to contend with failing light in order to take these pictures yesterday evening. As a result, the pictures do not do my outfit true justice; I wish they had been so much better. This is what I wore shopping on the weekend with my mum. It’s Rydog’s birthday on Tuesday so I helped her choose out his presents.I’m very pleased with what we bought and I’m sure Rydog will love his gifts too. I also bought myself an Alannah Hill cardigan on the weekend which I will show you all soon. There have been some good sales at Alannah Hill lately so I’ve treated myself to a few items in recent weeks; I very rarely  purchase Alannah Hill due to the price tag and I usually only receive this label as a gift so I think the one off expenditure is justifiable. Its made me very happy and excited!





Alannah Hill I Wish I Could Top
Modcloth Alice in Wonderland Necklace
Diana Ferrari Bag
Dangerfield Spot Swing Skirt  
Wittner Kilton Flats
Sparkly Bow Headband (gift) 

23 thoughts on “Outfit: Bow Details

  1. You should seriously be a model for Alannah Hill! You always look so lovely and sweet in their clothing. 🙂

    I actually think this lighting is quite magical. It brights out the contrasting colors of that beautiful top. There is something very mysterious about the background of these photos too, due to the light. xoxo


  2. hi Imogen! thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. it's so great to meet another Sydney law student! 😀 we're the same age too haha. I love Alannah Hill's stuff but they really do burn a hole in my wallet. love that gorgeous AH top on you 🙂



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