Weekend Away: Sydney City


On Friday night,I enjoyed an epic night out in the city with Rydog and my sister; we’d planned this night for so many weeks in advance. My sister desperately wanted to expose me to a couple of Sydney night clubs since, despite having lived in Sydney for my entire life, I’d rarely been to one. I am the kind of girl who either sits at home knitting on a Friday or Saturday night or who only ever goes out in one of the three suburbs surrounding home.  Yes, I enjoy it that way but a change for one night was certainly fun too. We decided to make the experience more fun by staying overnight in the city on Friday and having lunch and shopping on Saturday. 

We stayed at the Quay West Suites. This was my view waking up on Saturday morning…


The Quay West Suites were incredible and beautiful; I cannot speak highly enough of them. It was definitely one of the best accommodation I have ever stayed at. We never expected to have such a fabulous view of the city. The only disappointing part was we didn’t have enough time there; by the time we met up on Friday night after university and with check out at 10am the next day it was just too short. On Saturday we had lunch at Pancakes on the Rocks and took pictures in the  telephone booth (as per usual upon visiting this location).






I also thought I’d make this into a proper outfit post. My black skirt that I mentioned in my last post arrived in the mail on Friday (in only two days!) and I’m very happy with it. It’s so good to finally have a black skirt again and I am absolutely amazed by the amount of outfits I can create with it. Despite having lots of clothes, I often lack basics so this skirt was definitely a much needed purchase. The jacket is a gift which I received for my birthday from Rydog’s family. I’ve only worn it a couple of times because I like to save it for best. It’s one of my favourite ever items. I like how it adds instant style and class to an outfit. The green top used to be my mother in laws and the other day she gave it to me. She accidently shrank it in the dryer so now it fits me. It’s 100% wool and I don’t have anything like that so I love it! It made me think of how interesting it is that clothes usually have a story behind them. 





Portmans Faux Fur Jacket
St James Knitwear Top
Dangerfield Spot Swing Skirt  
Prouds Pearls
Sparkly Bow Headband (gift)
Wittner Gloria Heels


36 thoughts on “Weekend Away: Sydney City

  1. Haha, I also prefer staying on Friday/Saturday evenings, but it's nice to have a change.
    Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I love your Saturday outfit. It's a gorgeous jacket as well.


  2. Hello Imogen! Tis nice to meet you! I popped over from Adaisychaindream after I saw your profile picture by your comment and thought it was a gorgeous dress!!!! You look lovely here and I agree, basics like a really nice black skirt are invaluable, they are so versatile!
    Hope you are having a nice day!


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