Outfit: Fair Isle Print

With the introduction of the colder weather lately, I have developed a love for patterned jumpers which I like to pair with my coloured jeans. I’ve purchased a few jumpers in this style lately and they are just so warm and cosy to wear. At the moment I wish I could wear them every day. This is a different style for me since I usually only wear dresses and skirts with cardigans and trench coats. I adore the pattern on this jumper and the little bows are so sweet. As soon as I saw it in the shops I knew it was the jumper for me.  This was also the first time I’d worn my red jeans. I’d been wanting red jeans for ages and I finally located a pair a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t sure what to wear with my red jeans at first but upon subsequently purchasing this jumper the two seemed to go perfectly together. 

I’m so busy at the moment; I wish I had more time. I have an assessment due on Tuesday and a take home exam this week on a topic I know nothing about! I’d do anything for it to be Friday evening already. I can’t wait to have a break next weekend and catch up on some blogs too. 







Dotti Bow Jumper
Miss Shop Skinny Jeans
Diana Ferrari Ballet Flats
Diana Ferrari Bag
Equip Hair Bow


28 thoughts on “Outfit: Fair Isle Print

  1. As usual you've colour-coordinated your lipstick, nail polish, bag, hair bow, and jeans in lieu of skirt beautifully. The designs on your jumper are pretty too. I like all of the photos. The second photo (taken from above) is nice and something different.


  2. You look very sweet! I love sweaters and that one has great detail! I really want to buy some colored jeans this fall, one of my weight-loss goals 🙂


  3. geez girl you look gorgeous in that outfit! the assignments and exams i hope are as painless as possible…just remember all you have to do is pass….my love to you…


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