Outfit: Teal & Orange

This is an outfit I wore on the weekend. I love this top, it is one of my favourite items at the moment because it has little cats printed all over it. I was so excited when I saw this top in the store because it represents me so well. I definitely believe there should be more cat printed clothes in the shops! I also like the bow and the combination of black and white. This top inspired me to start wearing my black and white quilted ballet flats again because they match so well. I haven’t worn them for ages, I’m not really sure why because I still very much adore them. Before I left the house on Saturday, I asked my sister which bag would look best with my outfit. She came up with her orange bag that she let me borrow. I never would have thought of orange but it I think it works really well. I love the way it stands out against my outfit.

I can’t wait until Wednesday afternoon when I’ve handed in my last assessment and it’s Easter holidays.





Dotti Cat Print Bow Top
Portmans Skater Skirt
Dotti Bag (borrowed from my sister)
Mollini Quilted Ballet Flats
Kaboodle Designs Hair Bow


24 thoughts on “Outfit: Teal & Orange

  1. You are super adorable and I love your bright purse! Also, I wanted to hank you for your super sweet card that I received in the mail the other day! It was so nice of you to think of me and write to me, so thank you once more! šŸ˜€ xx


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