Outfit: Burgundy & Purple


I absolutely love coloured jeans at the moment! Whenever I’m at the shops, my eyes are constantly drawn to the vast array of jeans in beautiful shades. I’m building up my jeans collection with the pink jeans I posted here, bright blue jeans that I posted here and my new green jeans and new purple jeans. I rarely used to wear jeans so its surprising to see how quickly my love for coloured jeans has developed. I’m sure all you bloggers will understand when I say that most of my clothes have a story behind them. Well, I received these new jeans last Friday so I decided to wear them out on Friday night. After an enjoyable night out, I fell into a pot hole in the dark and rainy carpark and bruised both my knees on the hard gravel. It was one of the most painful experiences of my life and I ripped my new purple jeans! I was so sad. My mother in law saved me. She is rightfully very proud of the fact that she was able to lift me up while I was injured and lying on the ground. Fortunately, I now have a new pair of purple jeans and my knees are getting better.

I wore this outfit to university yesterday. A couple of weeks ago I would never have worn these colours together but lately I’ve really enjoyed experimenting more with colour. I like the way these different shades of purple look together. Plus, my sister says that wearing these two colours together is one of the latest trends, along with teal, mustard and dark red, so who am I to disagree with my little sister!? I bought the jacket at a little boutique in Balmain called Johnston and Bell. They have such unique and sweet little pieces and I bought it on sale too. Love the sparkles and its velvet too!

2012-03-05 18.25.27

2012-03-05 18.35.48

2012-03-05 18.33.02


2012-03-05 18.36.24

2012-03-05 18.29.30

Johnston and Bell Galaxy Jacket
JayJays Purple Skinny Jeans
Forever New Glitter Flats
Equip Pearl Hair Bow

34 thoughts on “Outfit: Burgundy & Purple

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit so much, Imogen! It's gorgeous. The jacket is beyond fabulous. And then I saw your glittery flats and almost died.

    I'm sorry to hear you hurt yourself and ripped your fabulous jeans in that pothole. Yikes! I'm glad you were not seriously injured though. And yay for getting a new pair! xoxo


  2. Oh no, I'm so sorry you fell and got hurt AND ripped your jeans:(

    I fell in a pot hole once when I was walking home from school and I had to wear a Catholic school girl uniform and I really cut up my knees.

    Anyway, your outfit is so cute!!!! I love the top and the jeans. And those shoes!!! You're so sparkly. I just really love this outfit!

    Mabel Time


  3. That top makes the whole outfit shine, wowwwwwwwwwwwwww.
    You are always sooooooooooooo lovely.
    You still have WORD VERIFICATION, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, noooooooooooooo, LOL.


  4. Oh man I am in love with those jeans! I am trying to slim down still, but my goal is to get a pair of cute jeans like those when I hit my weight goal. Purple is my favorite color, so I am a fan of this look!


  5. I love coloured jeans too! Especially the pastel ice-cream coloured ones, so cute for summer. Your jacket is amazing! I love anything to do with galaxy/star designs. xx


  6. yayyy colored jeans! I'm actually going to hopefully get some more colored jeans today because I only have one pair so far and I must have more colors! love all the purple goin on here- that dark gem tone is my favorite shade of purple. such cute sparkly shoes too!

    The House of Shoes


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