Outfit: Red, White & Bows

2012-02-12 15.16.05

Today’s outfit is also my entry into Bloggers Do It Better where Kristina has challenged us to wear red! I was very happy to find out that the latest Bloggers Do It Better features red because I have so many red clothes and it has always been one of my favourite colours to wear. I have a few red skirts such as this one and many red dresses including this one. Red clothes are one of my weaknesses that I cannot resist in the shops. However, despite my abundance of red clothes, I wish the current challenge was a couple of weeks ago because my red dress with the peter pan collar that I posted here would have been perfect. The dress I’m wearing in this post has been one of my favourite dresses over the last couple of weeks. I love the shape and fit of the dress and of course the best part of this dress is the big bow at the back. In my opinion, more clothes should have bows!

I was able to quickly fit in some outfit pictures today before a massive storm. It turns out that the overcast weather provided perfect lighting and the looming storm provided for some cool pictures.

Recently Rydog and I joined the gym, along with Rydog’s family. When I was a child and a teenager, my whole life was sport. I trained and participated in competitive swimming, running, tennis and netball for many years. I loved sports and I achieved a great deal of success from them. But eventually it reached a point where I was over it and I decided to quit all sports and try something new in my life. I guess you could say it was around that time that I started to take an interest in fashion. I remember my past largely in stages, by my interest in sport and my interest in fashion. For the last few years I thought that there was no point exercising because I was happy with my body and I was thin without physical activity. So it is quite surprising and spontaneous that I decided to join the gym last week. I guess it is because I wanted to increase Rydog’s motivation to go and everyone else in the family is going too. I’ve only been to the gym twice since I joined but so far I’ve found it fun. I think I still have a little bit of my interest in sports left in me. I felt a great deal of satisfaction from running on the treadmill again and realising that I haven’t totally lost my abilities. I love the feeling afterwards knowing that I’ve achieved something. I’m wondering whether this is because I’ve only been a couple of times and going to the gym is a new novelty. I’m hoping my enthusiasm for it will last. So far it is positive.

Right now, more than anything, I am super obsessed with tenpin bowling. Rydog and I go bowling a couple of times a weeks (and I’d go more if it were less expensive). It is seriously the most fun activity in the whole world for me. Last night I scored 157, so close to my all time high score of 160. I totally wish I could become a professional tenpin bowler. But this is just one of the fantasies in my head along with my wild dreams of becoming a singer, a model, a professional tennis player and a fashion designer.

2012-02-12 15.17.41

2012-02-12 15.15.52

2012-02-12 15.15.18

2012-02-12 15.17.31

2012-02-12 15.15.58

2012-02-12 15.17.47

2012-02-12 15.16.08

Forever New Stripe Bow Dress

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