Outfit: Casual Colour Blocking

2012-02-04 17.28.24

This outfit is extremely different from my usual style since it is much more casual and it involves jeans. It is probably the most casual sort of outfit I would ever wear because I much prefer dressy looks involving skirts and dresses but I did try and dress up this t shirt and jeans combo as much as possible by wearing heels. My recent appreciation for coloured jeans coupled with my love of colour blocking, inspired me to wear this outfit. Also, pink, blue and green is one of my favourite colour combinations right now. The other day someone on Polyvore told me that green and blue do not work together since they are close on the colour wheel. I was really shocked. A number of my recent outfits such as this one feature blue and green together and I thought it looked good. Also, if blue and green didn’t work together then why would so many stores such as Forever New, feature dresses in the two colours at the moment? For example, I believe that this blue and green dress looks amazing! I love to wear bright colours because I like standing out because of my clothes. I don’t have the personality to stand out in a group and I feel so frustrated every single day that I just seem to fade into the background, so if my clothes make me stand out then at least that’s something!

2012-02-04 17.25.47

2012-02-04 17.27.27

2012-02-04 17.27.34

2012-02-04 14.15.58

Forever New Jordyn Colour Block Stripe Tee
JayJays Deep Blue Jeans
Seychelles Heels

36 thoughts on “Outfit: Casual Colour Blocking

  1. The heels do spice it up! I love the colors, blue and green go together great, I have no idea what that person was talking about. I wear all kinds of crazy patterns, wear what you like!


  2. i agree…it looks fabulous….but mother used to have the old fashioned saying 'blue and green should never be seen'….but fortunately those days are gone…you have a great eye and fab style and if you think it looks good, well, it does!


  3. This is a gorge outfit, I love the t-shirt! And you're right to ignore that person who told you green and blue don't go, the teal heels and blue jeans look amazing xx


  4. Hi, nice outfit. I love seeing people that play with colours, I'm not “brave” enought to do it, so it's very nice seeing people dressing with colours that don't involve black or grey. Ahahah I understand what you mean, it's difficult to change (for me, it's the opposite, I've so used to jeans that the change would be wearing dresses and skirts).
    By the way, I guess it depends on the shade of green and blue, because that dress is very very beautiful



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