Outfit: Red, White & Union Jack

2012-01-30 13.59.07

A couple of weeks ago I went to see the musical Annie in Sydney City. As I was watching the production, it suddenly occurred to me that I have almost the exact same dress as Annie. Now I call this my Annie dress and I believe the resemblence is quite striking! This is one of my favourite every day dresses at the moment. It is yet another item from Modcloth and is called the Polite and Day Dress. I love the vibrant colour and of course the peter pan collar. I wish more clothes had peter pan collars. Fortunately I found the most perfectly matching pair of shoes in the wardrobe to wear with this dress. The bag is my latest addition to my wardrobe. I bought it at the Dangerfield clearance sale in the city last weekend. I’d wanted a bag like that for ages now. It is much more practical than my other union jack bag that I posted here which does not even fit my iphone.


2012-01-30 13.45.52
Link2012-01-30 13.58.56

Wittner Kilton Flats
Modcloth Polite and Day Dress
Dangerfield Union Jack Bag

44 thoughts on “Outfit: Red, White & Union Jack

  1. Ooh that's so cool that your dress is so similar to the one in Annie! It is an adorable dress~ And your bag is pretty great too. The dress and bag go so well together…and your shoes! Hehe lovely outfit ^^

    love from the NaNa girls x


  2. Dear Annie,
    You are looking gorgeous as always. Nobody does a little white collar like you do. My only suggestion, dear, would be some white socks to keep your feet warm.
    Kind regards,
    Miss Hannigan


  3. i dressed up as annie for halloween one year. i wish i would have had this dress, because i could have worn it and then kept it because it's so adorable! you look amazing in it, too!


  4. I love the dress and your right the shoes are perfect! Thanks for your comment on my last post, it is good to know that someone else is going through the same thing as me 🙂


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