Collection: Hills in Hollywood

Recently, during my search for bridesmaids dresses, I came across a website called Hills in Hollywood. My mum actually drew my attention to the site so all goes credit to her. It has the most beautiful, stunning and amazing collection of formal and evening dresses I have ever seen in my whole life. They are very unique and special and exceed all of the expectations I’ve ever had for a dress. I couldn’t believe there were so many dresses that I loved in the one place. I went crazy over this site I loved it that much. I have found my new favourite ever dresses. Since I adore this site, I though I would share with you some of these incredible finds. 

Without a doubt, these two are the most incredible dresses I’ve ever seen. I’d do almost anything to own one of these dresses and have a special event to wear it to.
favourite ever dresses

Closely followed by these gorgeous dresses…
wow dresses

…and these beautiful dressesbb













fast car

These are just some of the dresses I love from Hills in Hollywood, there are certainly many more so definitely make sure you check them out. It is simply incredible. In case you can’t tell from this post and my last post, in my world, there is so such thing as too much sparkle!

Photos from Hills in Hollywood

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