Outfit: Black, Blue & Bright Accessories

2012-01-20 16.54.36

Today I decided to wear my Aqua Swing Cap Sleeve Dress from Forever New for the first time. In my opinion, the features of this dress are the fit and shape, the vibrant blue colour and the quality material. There’s nothing quite like a dress with a bit of weight and structure to it. The exposed zip and lower back are also really cool. I desperately wanted to wear both this dress and these shoes today but at first I wasn’t sure whether they matched. Then I realised they didn’t necessarily need to match. As I continued creating my outfit and adding the bag, I realised that with a predominately black dress, pops of different colours can make an effective and stylish look. I’m pleased with how this outfit came together. This dress was absolutely perfect for me to attach my cat pin to. Unfortunately today was one of those days where my fringe just didn’t look good and wouldn’t sit right so I had to pin it back.

How have you all been lately? I have been very busy even though I am still on holidays. This is mainly because of the wedding preparations. We are trying to be organised now because when university starts again there will be much less time. We made some sample invitations, save the dates and place cards the other week which was fun. I also have a few cool ideas which could make our ceremony more uniquee and special. Lucikly I have many people around me who are helpful and supportive and really take the pressure off me in a number of areas.

I have also been busy because I was considering finding a part time job in the legal industry as I complete the final year of my law degree. At some point I am required to complete work experience to count towards my professional accreditation but I have decided to put this off for at least six months. Since I am completely disinterested in what I am studying at university and the types of employment I may potentially have in the future, I would rather delay the reality of the situation for as long as possible. Although I have never been interested in law, I always thought that this lack of interest didn’t matter. For most of my time at university I believed that the prospect of actually finishing my degree and becoming a lawyer was so remote and far away that my lack of interest didn’t matter. Now, with only one year of university to complete, the reality of the situation is difficult to avoid. The prospect of having to spend my entire working life in the legal industry is absolutely terrifying. I desperately wish that a miraculous series of events would happen and somehow I would become a fashion designer, professional tennis player, model, singer or professional ten pin bowler which is where my interests lie. Yes, my imagination is a little wild sometimes but I like that. In my own little fantasy world in my head, I can be anything I want to be.

Now I will share a totally random situation with you. The other day I went to apply my eyeliner, as I do everyday, and I couldn’t get it to look right. I couldn’t understand why given that it usually works and this time it wouldn’t. I tried so many times using different techniques and I literally stood at the mirror for hours removing unsuccessful attempts at makeup and attempting to reapply the eyeliner. It was the most frustrating experience and for most of those hours I felt an extreme sense of panic come over me. You see I wanted to go out for the day but I absolutely would not leave the house without eyeliner. Others told me that I looked better without eyeliner anyway, that I don’t need it and that everything would work out the next day but I didn’t believe any of it. I was desperate for my eyeliner to work and I didn’t feel comfortable without it. I also stayed up most of the night attempting eye makeup. I hate to even think about the damage I must have caused to my skin, especially the delicate area under my eyes, during this process. It totally ruined my day. However, it suddenly occured to me how pathetic and sad it was that I’d reached the point where I won’t let anyone see me unless there is a black line under my eye. I don’t even know how it got to this point. I get a huge amount of satisfaction from dressing up and wearing makeup everyday since it gives me something to look forward to and it makes me feel better about myself especially when other areas of my life are not going so well. I believe it is a way to mask some of my problems. But I am fine with this. If it works for me and the power of a pretty dress is so great for me, then I see this as a positive and I will continue as I have done. However, the eyeliner incident made me realise there is a point where it has gone too far. If I can’t enjoy a day just because I don’t have a black line under my eye, then something has to change. I’m certainly not going to stop wearing makeup everyday but I would like to see if I can go without eyeliner sometimes especially if I have a day where it just doesn’t work. I want to be able to deal with the situation and get on with the day. This is a personal challenge I have set for myself to reduce my dependency on eyeliner.
2012-01-20 16.48.08

2012-01-20 16.54.32

2012-01-20 16.54.27

2012-01-20 16.50.21

Forever New Aqua Swing Cap Sleeve Dress
Seychelles Heels via Modcloth
Antiques Cat Pin
Diana Ferrari Bag

21 thoughts on “Outfit: Black, Blue & Bright Accessories

  1. Aww you look so cute! I love your little kitty pin and that dress looks wonderful on you. I used to be really adamant about going out without makeup, but now I don't worry as much. If I don't feel like putting it on to go out, I just don't. But I always wear it to work. I know what you mean about dressing up and wearing makeup to mask a problem. I don't think it's a bad thing at all. When you look good, you feel good

    Mabel Time


  2. You look darling in these photos!

    I'm so sorry about your frustration with your degree. I will tell you one thing: most of the friends I have today have jobs which do NOT require the degree they got in college!! For example, I have a friend who got an English degree, but realized she didn't want to use it, so she is now a graphic designer for an art magazine! Or, I have another friend who got his degree in physics and now he's an event planner (fashion shows, concerts, etc.). It's really about finding real-life experience in the field you TRULY want. Having a degree (no matter what it is in) just helps. 🙂

    You should research careers. As many as you can! I bet there is a fun job out there that you could do with a law degree. And you don't even know it.

    As for the eyeliner, haha, you sound exactly like me! I can't live without it. 😛


  3. You look so pretty in that dress! Such a cute pair of shoes and pin too. I love this!
    I understand the eyeliner thing. All through high school I had to have black eyeliner on my bottom lid or I wouldn't go out in public. I just randomly started trying different makeup and decided it was time for a change and stopped doing that. But I can understand how hard it is to see yourself differently.


  4. Lovin the shoes…and re the eyeliner just do what makes you feel happy in the moment…and then forget it…don't worry about it…we all have our little quirks…it's part of being human…if you like it…just do it…and if it's not working well sometimes life's like that…maybe some smoky shadow for those days…take care sweetie…be kind to yourself…


  5. oh wow I feel like our sentiments towards law are so similar…I've also never really been interested in law but I just saw it as a tool to get some decent job in the future (not necessarily working in the legal field, since that's something I really can't see myself doing). I also wish for a miraculous change in my life where I can completely change my path in life into fashion, for example. for the same reason I've also slacked off majorly when it comes to applying for jobs. I also did a degree in commerce but I'm not really interested in pursuing that either. anyway sorry for the random comment on a rather old post…I saw it and I just had to comment because I can really empathise!! not sure if you still feel the same way after a few months haha!


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