New In: Cat Pin


Today I am featuring my beautiful cat pin which I received for Christmas from Rydog. I was so excited to receive this unique and exquisite piece. It is from an antique store and is truly one of a kind. It features flawless craftsmanship with real emerald eyes, a ruby collar and pearls and a saphire on the body. It also reminds me of my first cat Puss since it bears many similarities in terms of appearance. I love this sentimental value. Also, my cat pin is a perfect way to add style and class to an outfit. I save it for special occassions and wear it with my pretty dresses. Typical outfits I’d wear my cat pin with are featured here and here. My cat pin is, without a doubt, one of the best gifts I have ever received.






Juliette loves my cat pin too!

17 thoughts on “New In: Cat Pin

  1. Hi Imogen

    Just thought I would pop by your blog to say hello and see what youve been up to.
    What a unique piece, and I always think its more special when someone chooses a gift for you on their own. Mikey bought me a diamond necklace for x-mas which he choose and I love it even more coz he choose it on his own 🙂
    I love your outfit in the last post, those pink pants are very awesome!
    Your cats just so beautiful, duno if I told you we got a kitten, hes 4 months old now and is a persian x ragdoll. Hes so naughty but we love the little fella 🙂
    Anyways, hope you are well and your uni is off to a good start for the year.



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