Outfit: Chevron

2012-01-01 14.41.12

Happy 2012! This is the first outfit that I wore in the new year. It took me an extremely long time and many outfit changes to actually decide what to wear for new years day. I had one of those days where nothing seemed to work outfit wise and I’ve also run out of new dresses which I have never worn before. I’m really going to struggle now I am on a clothes and shoes spending ban. I guess I’ll have to find some way of becoming more creative with my clothes. In the end I was pleased with the outfit I chose for new years day. It features the Steal the Game Show Dress from Modcloth and my new Diana Ferrari bag which I bought in the after Christmas sales. I’m continually incorporating red accessories into my outfits lately just so I can use this bag.

This year, new years eve and day were quiet affairs. On new years eve I simply watched the fireworks on tv with family. This was a change from the eventful new years I’ve had for the last few years such as the Hunter Valley trip last year which I posted about here, here and here. On new years day Rydog and I went bowling with one of our friends from high school. Ten pin bowling is our latest obsession at the moment. I wish I could go bowling every single day as it is just so much fun. I scored 160 the other day which is my all time high score by far. I’m really pleased with that for an average person like myself who has never trained for bowling before. Rydog and I are thinking of making this a regularly weekly activity.

2012-01-01 14.48.56

2012-01-01 14.41.23

2012-01-01 14.52.50

2012-01-01 14.40.57

2012-01-01 14.53.13

2012-01-01 14.40.09

Modcloth Steal the Game Show Dress
Diana Ferrari Bag
Isolde Heels
Antiques Locket
Portmans Belt

27 thoughts on “Outfit: Chevron

  1. I love your whole outfit, especially the shoes! Bowling is a lot of fun, I'm TERRIBLE at it, though!!! My boyfriend is so good at it and always scores over 200. I get so mad when we bowl lol.

    Mabel Time


  2. You look amazing in this dress! I really love how you paired it with the red shoes and belt. Isn't that dress fun to wear? I feel like it looks too fancy on me for everyday wear, but I might try to make it work if I'm feeling particularly fancy one day.


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