Outfit: Red, Black & White Florals


This is the outfit that I wore on Christmas Day for family lunch and dinner. I received this dress for Christmas from my mother in law and it is one of my favourite presents ever and probably my favourite dress at the moment. I love the floral print and I especially love the shape and structure of the dress. These are features that I don’t usually find in dresses. The little belt in the matching floral print is so sweet. I wish I had better pictures of it but I guess that opportunity will come eventually. I cannot wait to wear it again.

Little Julie enjoyed Christmas Day. It was her second Christmas. She received a brush, pet wipes and balls from her grandparents and a cat scratcher, cat wand a knitted blanket from her parents. Juliette was very generous and bought her parents gifts too. I received a beautiful dress and Rydog received some cologne. Next post I will show you my Christmas presents. My family were all very generous and I’m looking forward to posting my gifts.





Johnston and Bell Floral Dress
Wittner Gloria Heels
Equip Hair Flower

36 thoughts on “Outfit: Red, Black & White Florals

  1. Imogen you look gorgeous and Juliette is a gorgeous cat, she sounds like she was spoiled over Christmas πŸ™‚ I'll email you my address and send a letter to you as soon as I have yours. xxx


  2. That is a beautiful dress! I find it so strange seeing Christmas Day photos where the sun is shining! So different to Ireland, rain, hailstones and grey skies here!


  3. You're kitty is adorable! This is our kittens second christmas too (ok, she's not really a kitten anymore) Anyway.. your dress is super cute but I think I absolutely LOVE it more on you… you totally make it look sexy dear πŸ™‚


  4. Hehe, I love how Juliette bought her parents gifts. It sounds like she made out like quite the bandit, too. My brother's dog was so excited by all the Christmas gifts she received she tried to hold them all in her mouth at once. It was hysterical.

    This is a lovely dress, Imogen! The shape especially. It looks fun to twirl in.


  5. This dress is a DREAM. Seriously, I think it is my favorite dress you own. (Then again, you wear everything so beautifully, I might be saying this again at some point, lol).

    I'm pleased you had a wonderful Christmas. You really deserved it. And I'm really excited for you, because I know 2012 is filled with a lot of positive changes for you! xoxo


  6. thank you for the sweet comment you left me! you are SO darling and i'm happy to have met you πŸ™‚ im happily following you, now! i hope you have a great new year!

    love, jamie


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