2011: A Year in Review

As 2011 is coming to an end (where has all the time gone?) I thought it would be an appropriate time to review and post some of my favourite outfits that I have shown on my blog in the second half of this year. I already covered my favourite outfits from the first half of the year here. 2012 will be a significant and extremely eventful year for me. I am planning to get married in December, move into an apartment with Rydog and our kitten Juliette and finish my law degree. I am both scared and excited at the same time. I believe these are the changes that I have so desperately wanted in my life for a long time now. However, there are some elements of my current lifestyle that I will miss and I am worried about the likelihood of everything falling into place according to plan.







The last photo on the left is the outfit I wore on Christmas day. I will post more photos of it soon. 

10 thoughts on “2011: A Year in Review

  1. You have such pretty dresses! I love love LOVE your Christmas day dress, so girly and lovely. Jealous that the weather looks so awesome too! Hope you have an amazing New Year too Imogen!


  2. I have fallen behind (again) on reading your lovely blog, Imogen. I've been spending less time online and when I am poking about it's so hard to keep up with everything. This review of your favorite outfits was just the thing to help me catch up! I absolutely adore your green lace dress. It looks fabulous on you. I've been searching for a lace dress just like yours, but have turned up empty handed. Perhaps I'll find one yet.

    As for 2012 and all it's exciting changes for you – don't worry! I know it sounds cliche, but everything will turn out the way it's supposed to. Rest easy 🙂

    Happy New Year!


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