Outfit: Rainbow Stripes (& Juliette)

On Saturday afternoon Juliette Miracle, Rydog and I had a fun little photo shoot together. I just love these photos of our little family. My sister took the photos for us. My beautiful Juliette loved the experience too! I wore my 70s inspired dress from Portmans which I posted here. It is most definitely one of my favourite dresses at the moment and I have worn it to a number of family events now. There are so many shoes I can wear it with. I usually wear it with my cream coloured or red heels but the other day I thought I’d be different and style the dress with my Seychelles heels which I showed here.











Portmans 1970s inspired dress
Seychelles heels via Modcloth

29 thoughts on “Outfit: Rainbow Stripes (& Juliette)

  1. Imogen you look gorgeous here! And I'm glad my post helped you, it's difficult to talk about those things sometimes but it does help to get it out. I hope you can tackle your anxieties soon. xxx


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