Outfit: Customised Cardigan

This is the outfit I usually wear when I cannot decide on an outfit or when nothing else seems to work. I frequently find myself in such situation so this is probably one of my most worn outfits over the last few months. I first posted this dress here and here when I spent the day at the beach last July. It is very versatile and there are so many shoes and cardigans that I can style it with. I also love the vintage vibe to this dress. I customised the cardigan myself by sewing the white flowers onto it. I wore this outfit last Thursday when it was cold and raining. I just had time to snap a few photos in a short rain break.





Modcloth Serene Bubble Dress
Wittner Gloria Heels
Glassons Cardigan (self customised)
Equip Bag
Prouds Pearls

35 thoughts on “Outfit: Customised Cardigan

  1. I can see why you wear this outfit so much — it is adorable! I have my own go-to outfits that never seem to fail me. I call one of them my “power outfit” because it can be used for interviews, presentations, and professional functions. I think it is important to have such a reliable outfit in the closet.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


  2. Default outfits are great. And mine is also the dress and cardigan too. One particular dress from Witchery is particularly favoured! You're looking great, Imogen!


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