Night Out: Habour Cruise


On Saturday night Rydog and I attended a cruise on Sydney Harbour for Rydog’s work Christmas party. The company he works for puts on this same event every year and it is the second year we have attended. It is truly a fantastic event and one of the highlights of the year. The harbour cruise provides a beautiful setting and fun atmosphere and the free drinks and food are always of high quality. I also love the opportunity to dress up! I had a fabulous night and I’m actually very sad its over now. We were extremely lucky to have warm and sunny weather for this event. After a week of almost non-stop rain right up until Saturday morning, I can’t quite believe the weather was so fine. It was rather windy on the boat so I managed to snap a few outfit pictures before I left.

I wore a dress which I bought four years ago for my school graduation formal. This is only the third time I’ve worn it and I wish I had more opportunities to do so. I can’t believe that something I bought so long ago could still be one of my favourite dresses. To me it is a classic dress and will probably never go out of style.















Martini Dress

Wittner Queen Heels

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