New In: Teal Heels


Today I am featuring yet another pair of shoes for my item of the week post. I know there hasn’t been much variety in these posts lately but I am cetain this will be the last post about shoes for awhile. I have always loved shoes but for some reason my love for them has substantially increased this year. I have way too many shoes in comparison with clothes now. I simply cannot resist the perfect pair of shoes. I bought these shoes in my last modcloth order and they are called the All Dressed Up Heel. In my opinion, these shoes are perfect. I cannot speak highly enough of them and I am so happy to own them now. I adore the beautiful shade of teal contrasted with the gold detailing. I love the shape of the heel and the sweet t bar strapes. I also like the fact that these are a statement shoe and different from what I already have in my wardrobe. I’m never going to find someone with the same shoes where I live! I already have a few ideas of what I will wear them with. I like the idea of my purple dress with gold detailing and a plain black dress which I am wearing on a harbour cruise next weekend. I can’t wait to wear them for the first time. I’m also very impressed with the quality and detailing of these shoes. The leather component makes them very comfortable. I like the fact that they came well packaged, with the Seychelles bag and extra heel tips. It’s small elements like this that make me believe these shoes are worth the price.





I finished my last exam today and I am officially on summer holidays now! This particular exam was very hard, I’m not even sure if I would have passed but there is nothing I can do now so I will put it behind me. In my opinion, there is no better feeling than finishing university for the year and having three and a half months of freedom ahead. I honestly cannot believe that I have just finished four years of a law degree. I never thought I would even get into law after I finished school so every day it amazes me that I have come this far.

33 thoughts on “New In: Teal Heels

  1. yay for holidays!! Hope you get to spend lots of time perusing clothing and shoe stores 😀 I love those shoes, but I can nenver wear the T shaped straps for some reason grr xx


  2. Aww I love your new shoes and well done for finishing your last exam! Well done on finishing your 4th year of uni! I know how hard it is and I'm so pleased for you Imogen! x


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