Outfit: Nautical & Union Jack


This has been one of my favourite dresses for the last year and a half and whenever the weather is very hot, as it was on Sunday, it is usually one of my top outfit choices. I posted this dress on my blog once before, at the beginning of last year, which can be located here. I love strapless dresses and I wish I had more of them. These shoes are probably my favourite pair of flats that I own which I bought during a recent sale at Wittner. I am planning to feature them in an item of the week post so I’ll show more of them then. This bag is the most recent addition to my wardrobe. I’ve wanted a bag like this so long and it was an item which I pictured in my mind but never thought I’d actually find. It is very small, not even large enough to fit my Iphone. However, my excitment in finding a bag of this design certainly outweights these practical issues. The weather has been so crazy here this week. It was beautiful and warm on Sunday but now it is freezing cold and raining and I was pulling out my winter clothes again. My mind has been drawn to a leopard print coat in Forever New it is that cold again!








Bardot Nautical Strapless Dress
Wittner Kilton Flats
Dangerfield Union Jack Bag
Lovisa Necklace

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