Outfit: Red Polka Dots


Yesterday I wore this new dress for the first time, called the Rhubarb Harvest Dress, from Modcloth. I bought this dress on sale and I am very impressed with it. I love polka dots, red dresses, florals and 1950s style so this dress is a combination of many of my favourite aspects. I also like the fact that this dress is such good quality. It is fully lined so it feels fabulous to wear. I got my hair cut the other day too. It is shorter than I usually like but I chose this length because I am going to a 1920s ball tonight. I thought it would be fun to have the actual flapper hairstyle!








Juliette says thank you for the birthday wishes!

Modcloth Rhubarb Harvest Dress
Wittner Bow Heels
Silver Locket


23 thoughts on “Outfit: Red Polka Dots

  1. Ooooh, you look soo stunning as usual. I have a big grin from ear to ear when you turned your back (visually on the photograph, of course) for us to see the surprise bow in the back! Hella cute!


  2. That dress is beautiful and so perfect on you! I love your shorter hair as well. You're lucky you are able to get away with short hair.

    I saw the photos from your 1920s party on fb. You looked AMAZING! Definitely the coolest costume I have ever seen. 🙂


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