Juliette Princess Miracle

Today is my kitten Juliette’s first birthday! I love Juliette more than I could ever describe and she has brought me incredible happiness in the time that I’ve owned her. I couldn’t ask for a better cat, she is perfect in every way. She has a beautiful, affectionate personality and she is stunningly attractive. Her colourings are becoming darker so I often call her magical colour changing cat.










Happy Birthday my Juliette Miracle xxx

34 thoughts on “Juliette Princess Miracle

  1. Dear Juliette Miracle,

    You have a meow meow birthday wish from my cats Coco and Chanel. They sent you paws up and tails up packages just for you. They think you have a lovely home and lovely Mommy, and that your fur really looks gorgeous!

    Happy birthday!


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