Outfit: Blue Ruffles


Today was the most beautiful and sunny day that I can remember in a long time and it is hard to believe that we could have such a warm day during winter. This weather makes me feel happier and much more positive about life. It is usually around this time of year that I start to feel excited about the commencemet of springtime. In contrast to what I said the other day about the difficulty of taking outfit pictures during winter, today was the perfect conditions for photos- clear blue skies, no wind and a bright colour block dress. This dress is my most recent purchase and my last for a very long time since Rydog and I are seriously saving for the future now. I bought it from the children’s section of Leona Edmiston and I feel so lucky to have found it. I love the ruffles especially since it is often hard to find a dress with this detailing. I also adore the colour. It is a unique colour and it really stands out. I also like the fact that it is blue because for some reason blue (other than navy) is unintentionally the most uncommon colour in my wardrobe. The modcloth vintage inspired heels are one of the best purchases I have ever made. They were a bargain price and are very comfortable and perfect! They are definitely my most worn shoes. I wish they hadn’t sold out on modcloth so I could buy another pair when they completely wear out.






Miss Leona Ruffle Dress
Forever New Ruffle Bag
Modcloth Family Album Heels

27 thoughts on “Outfit: Blue Ruffles

  1. I just loveeee your hair style. You look so sophisticated and glam! And I love how you pair your ruffle dress with the ruffle bag. Too much ruffles could be a miss, but you managed to style your outfit so well! Love it!


  2. You look so pretty Imogen, and those heels are lovely. I need to get a pair of short heels myself. I love that colour blue on you too. Are you having trouble applying for student finance too? xxx


  3. I love all the ruffles and the colour of your Miss Leona Ruffle Dress. The fabric, the waist, and the way it hangs all look very pretty as do you and the scenery in photos of this post. The photo by the water is especially pretty. To me it looks like there could be the slightest trace of turquoise in that blue dress. It would contrast beautifully with the fuchsias and hot pinks I am so fond of and it looks nice with your Forever New Ruffle Bag which I like as well. They look very feminine and stylish.


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