2011: Outfits

Since we are relatively close to the middle of the year (seriously,where has the time gone?) I thought it would be an appropriate time to review and post my favourite outfits that I have shown on my blog so far this year. I usually only compile these posts at the end of the year but I decided that from now on it would be more fun if I undertook the task twice year. My absolute favourites are the first three outfits.




United 4



19 thoughts on “2011: Outfits

  1. i love love love love the playsuit outfit. that was one of my favorites. good luck at uni! i'll be starting my first year the 29. eek! im also interested in studying law. what do you think about it? any advice or things you could tell me about how its like? thank you!!


  2. You have such impeccable style, Imogen. I really like your blue & white dress in the first photo. It looks great with those lovely heels.

    I've been such a bad blogger/commenter lately. While I still read posts, oftentimes I'm not in the right mindset to say much more than “oh, that's pretty!” Or, after leaving 2 or 3 semi-thoughtful comments elsewhere I end up losing the mental stamina for more and then tell myself, “I'll comment on so-and-so's blog next time.” It's a vicious cycle, but normal… I think 😉 Oh, and on top of that, as you know, I've been very bad at keeping my letter writing commitments! Blog friends, IRL friends, family… none are safe from the lapses in my brain! Hehe. Let's get back on track, shall we? I am taking a little trip this coming weekend. I will send you a postcard 🙂


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