New In: Tapestry Bag


This is my new bag that my parents brought back for me from their recent trip to England. I love it so much with the beautiful and unique detailing. I don’t think I could find anything like this in the shops around here so I like the fact that its different. I can’t wait until I next go out and have the chance to use it for the first time.

I am back from my unplanned two week absence from the blog world. I thought that being on university holidays would give me the chance to dedicate myself to my blog but, for a variety of different reasons, that didn’t happen. This is mainly because I became very sick for almost two weeks and I had to spend many days in bed recovering. I don’t think I have ever felt so bad in my entire life. It was a very nasty flu and chest infection but I am much better now and have been going out again.

A few weeks ago I mentioned my mixed feelings over failing to take up an opportunity for travel. I have realised that there will be many other opportunities for travel in the future and I don’t regret my decision at all. I enjoyed the last five weeks immensly, I wish it didn’t have to end and the opportunity to spend unrestricted time with my in law family meant so much to me. I wouldn’t change my decision for anything. I’m cerainly not looking forward to returning to my regular lifestyle this week.




Lately I have been feeling an immense amount of frustration over the fact that I often blend into the background at social events, I don’t have the chance to express my opinon because others talk over me and those who are very outgoing seem to get everything despite the fact that we all have qualities in different areas. I would like some advice on how to put myself out there more and improve these situations. Has anyone ever been in this situation before? How were you able to make it better or improve yourself?

21 thoughts on “New In: Tapestry Bag

  1. That bag is stunning. I l;ove the vintage feel to it.
    I used to be the same at social events, but it helps if you have someone you know there, or even just to randomly join in conversations. People love talking to new people.


  2. I'm sorry to hear you were sick for most of your vacation. That sounds dreadful. 😦

    This bag is beautiful.

    Also, I hate big social events because I sometimes feel like I'm part of the wallpaper as well sometimes. But I've noticed that making people laugh gets me noticed. Do you have any funny stories that you could randomly share with people? Or maybe start a conversation with an unusual topic.

    Good luck! xo


  3. I have to confess I have struggled with social situations ever since having problems with anxiety and depression and the only advice I can give is to take a deep breath before speaking, as I tend to stutter and rush my words, and try to relax into the moment and take it step by step. I know this might not be too helpful but it has worked for me mostly. I still struggle from day to day but I'm getting better. The bag is lovely and I hope you're feeling better now! xxx


  4. I love the purse!

    I honestly felt the same way for awhile and then I started to make new friends that had a common interest as me. I would try going shopping with just one friend or seeing a movie with two. Smaller groups are easier to talk with. 🙂


  5. I'm postive you'll have the chance to travel soon. Re:social events, I'm a bit shy too if everyone in the group knows each other and I'm the only stranger. But breaking the ice with a joke or anecdote certainly helps.


  6. Hey dearest…I too have been sick…sooo yucky…re the being talked over etc by more outgoing people I don't think it really matters…what matters is that you have a calm confident core and that will come across…to those that matter anyway…there'll always be big mouted people about…often they're masking their own insecurities…just be yourself and if you do want more conversation ask people about themselves…most people love to talk about themselves…use open ended questions…those that can't be answered with yes or no…ones that start with 'how' 'what' or 'why'….of course you'll end up as I have many times spending hours listening to others and not talking yourself…but it can be interesting…


  7. very cute purse 🙂 I think it just comes with self confidence…act like people want to hear every single thing you say! at least that's what i try, haha!


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