Outfit: Tulle & Ruffles


This weekend I finally decided to wear my Modcloth Atmospheric Ambience Skirt which I posted here.This is definitely one of my favourite skirts and I am looking forward to wearing it to many occassions. It is one of the most successful purchases I have ever made. It was so incredibly windy all weekend so it was hard to take pictures and I was surprised I was even able to take any at all.







In my next post I expect to show one of my DIY cardigans that I have been working on these holidays.

Modlcoth Atmospheric Ambience Skirt
Wittner Quebec Heels
Forever New Body Suit

Tie Rack Bag

37 thoughts on “Outfit: Tulle & Ruffles

  1. Awww you look like a ballet dancer/fairy. So sweet. I also love the shoes from Modcloth. I have yet to find the perfect thing to make my first purchase from there.


  2. Wonderful look. I love the pairing of the body suit with the flirty skirt. Been wanting to become a follower but the Google Connect button is hidden. Actually it's hidden on my blog too!


  3. The skirt is absolutely gorgeous, you look lovely. And I'm glad you liked the shoes, they're sweet. She has a lot more designs on her Etsy if you're interested. xxx


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