Collection: Elle Fanning for Marie Claire

I absolutely love the Elle Fanning for Marie Claire photoshoot. I believe that Elle is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen with her gorgeous blonde hair, blue eyes, pale complextion and her pretty face. This photoshoot showcases her beauty and I love the wardrobe choices. The girly and vintage vibe of the outfits coupled with the soft pastel colours are just perfection, in my opinion. My favourite shots are definitely the first and last pictures that I posted. I have heard some crticism about this photoshoot relating to the pictures not being age appropriate for Elle. I agree that Elle looks much older than thirteen here but I personally don’t see the problem with these pictures and I think the photoshoot was very tasteful.





Photos from here

What do you think?

28 thoughts on “Collection: Elle Fanning for Marie Claire

  1. The photos are lovely and she is a beauty, but I find the one of her in the little shorts maybe a bit much- she's only 13 or something isn't she? At her age I was still a kid not dressing like an adult. x


  2. I love these photos and while the clothes do make her look olde than thirteen it's no big deal. I think people get so up in arms over the tiniest things now, it's just a photoshoot. I think she looks lovely. xxx


  3. She is so gorgeous! I agree, she looks much older than 13 for sure. If I did not know her, I would mistake her for 16 or 17 easily. But you're right, these photos are very tastefully done.

    I think that although she is a very traditional beauty (blonde hair/blue eyes) she has such an unusual look that it makes her stand apart from so many other actresses.

    I recently saw her in Super 8 and was very impressed by her acting skills. I think she might have the potential to overshadow her sister!


  4. Oh wow! She's only 13? She looks so sophisticated here! I too really like the vintage vibe of these photos – particularly the polka dot gloves and the white disc dress 🙂


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