Outfit: Purple, Fuschia & Blue


I have finished all of my take home exams and final assessments and I am now on holidays for the next seven and a half weeks. I was supposed to finish on Friday but I completed my last assessment a couple of days early. This is the earliest I have ever finished exams and the first time in my entire life as a student that I won’t have any work to do over this coming long weekend. I feel very lucky about this given that many other university students such as my fiance and my sister still have another two weeks until holidays. I have many tasks I would like to complete during the break which are mainly centred around fashion, my blog and DIY projects.

This has been one of my most worn outfits over the past few weeks and I finally had a chance to take pictures today. It is inspired by my recent love of the colour blocking trend and my desire to move away from the traditional blacks and greys this winter. I know a lot of my outfits involve my self made blue skirt at the moment. It is my favourite skirt and is very versatile. This will certainly be the last of it for awhile as I probably need more variety in my outfits. All credit to one of my sisters for the bag since I am borrowing it from her. I didn’t get the best set of pictures today. It was so windy and cold, my legs were especially cold. I really need a hair cut now I have the time.






Review Ruffle Top
Self Made
Target Trench Coat
Kathy Van ZeelandΒ 


24 thoughts on “Outfit: Purple, Fuschia & Blue

  1. Congrats on finishing exams early! πŸ™‚

    This outfit is so elegant and lovely. I wish more girls dressed like you. I totally agree about wanting society to be a little more classier and dress up more. I feel like the world has become TOO casual.


  2. Hey Imogen, welcome back and congrats on completing the finals!

    I love your color choices and that scarf adds that hint of sophistication without being too serious!

    You're getting married…yaaaay! Congratulations! More posts on wedding dress and wedding prep are coming I suppose? πŸ™‚


  3. I'm glad I'm not the only night owl! I'm always up late either watching films, reading books, on the internet or chatting with my Mum and laughing. Then I never get up the next day until 1 o'clock! Shocking really. I love your purple coat by the way, it really suits you and congratulations on the award, you definitely deserve it! xxx


  4. I love your colourful outfits, they're bright and fun!
    Congrats on the award. I agree about society not dressing up enough, I love it when I see outfits with effort.


  5. i love your creativity. i think i'll be using some of these color blocking techniques this winter in college. im so happy to hear you've picked out your wedding dress. i cant wait to see it (i hope we will?) enjoy your vacation!!


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