Outfit: Pale Pink Trench Coat


I’ve had this pink trench coat from Forever New for a couple of years now but I can’t believe I’ve never shown it on my blog before. It is one of my favourite pieces for the colder weather because I love the colour, frills, detailing and polka dot lining. Much to my surprise, I discovered only the other day that the this trench coat has actual pockets at the front. This is a very similar outfit to what I wore a few weeks ago. I substituted the red coat and heels for more nude tones.






It has once again reached that familiar point in the academic semester where there are only a few weeks left until holidays and I am extremely busy. I really wish I could just hide somewhere for the next few weeks and all my obligations could magically be completed for me since everything is so stressful! I am also still feeling unwell so that is complicating matters further. My last assessment for the semester is due on the 10th of June and I cannot wait. As a result of this I am taking a short break from blogging. I won’t be totally absent but comments and posts will be far more infrequent than usual until the 11th of June. I will fit in what I can and I hope you all understand. I will catch up on what I have missed when I properly return to blogging.

39 thoughts on “Outfit: Pale Pink Trench Coat

  1. Ahh forever new! I went in there again today looking for a lavender bridesmaid dress but they had none.
    I adore your jacket, perfect colour and length!
    Hope you get through all your assignments alright.



  2. Coveting that coat big time…the color…the cut…I reeeeeaaalllly want one! Re the commitments and not feeling well…life's a pain sometimes…but it'll pass…hope you get to breathe out with a sigh of relief soon…


  3. I really like this outfit and that trench coat is really pretty. My friends are all excited that college and uni are pretty much over now, so enjoy your last few weeks because that's one of the best feelings when you're finishing for the Summer. xxx


  4. I remember the necklaces you were telling me about, I think I've seen them on your blog before. I only recently started an inspiration board but I love having something to decorated and change around every once in a while, and you only need to get a cheap corkboard to do it, so it's not that expensive either. xxx


  5. Such a gorgeous coat – agree you should have shown it sooner woman!

    Imogen, I've missed you and your lovely blog so much darling, how have you been?

    If you haven't already, check out my new bi-annual online fashion magazine and spread the word:


    Hope you're staying safe and chic dearest!

    English Rose x



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