Outfit: Red, Blue & White


I wore this outfit to work on Thursday and it is definitely my favourite outfit at the moment. It was a chance to wear my pleated skirt that I made in sewing class for the first time and my new red trench coat. From the week that I started making this skirt I knew it would be one of my favourite items of clothing and I had been planning out what to wear with it in my mind for the couple of weeks until it was finished. I bought a red trench coat the other day to achieve this desired look. With the colder weather fast approaching I am trying to incorporate more colour into my wardrobe to counter balance stereotypical blacks and greys that are usually worn in winter. I love the vibrant blue and bright red together here.







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60 thoughts on “Outfit: Red, Blue & White

  1. Lovely outfit! The white, blue and red suits you well. Im so sad that its getting colder, although we are still having a few sunny days, so I guess were lucky.
    Not sure if you mentioned before, what do you do for work?



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