Outfit: Magenta


Hello everyone, how was your weekend? I had a fun and enjoyable day on Saturday because I went wedding dress shopping. I tried on a few different dresses just to get some ideas and it was so incredibly exciting. The feeling of trying on a wedding dress and being a princess for a short time is amazing and so different from anything I had experience before, it was very special. I have been very clear on the style of wedding dress that I want for a long time now. I adore the princess style with a strapless, fitted, beaded and sparkly bodice and a full and puffy tulle skirt without a train. I tried on two in this style and I fell in love with them, they were beautiful. I also loved a dress that was mainly black with white polka dots and black, white and silver sparkles on the bodice. It was so different from what I was looking for but I loved it because it was so unique, a statement and a change from what everyone else has. I probably will choose something more traditional though because I tried on a princess style afterwards and realised that I didn’t want to miss out on my dream look when it will be my only chance ever to have a white princess dress like that.






I bought this dress a few weeks ago in a Princess Highway sale and wore it for the first time on Friday. It was lovely weather on Friday but then rained again for the whole weekend and I am starting to notice that it is becoming considerably colder. I don’t think there will be many more days of wearing sleeveless summer dresses. The black rossette is not part of the dress, I just added it from another top.

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